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Josh Christian Ornelas is an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions, primarily working as one of the lead Machinimators for Red vs. Blue, and eventually becoming co-director of Red vs. Blue: Singularity. He also edits videos and takes part in some playthroughs. He provides the voice of Sheriff Sal in Camp Camp and Sage Ayana from RWBY.

Joshua is the creator of the band, Aphorisms. What he dubs as a "Medical Metal" band, it is a mixture of genres such as progressive metal, djent, post hardcore, and various others.


  • He studied Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
  • He claims to have a near eidetic memory that allows him to remember images, sounds, or objects more easily than others.
  • He dislikes onions as well as any sort of pie, lasagna, meatloaf, avocados, and almost every sort of seafood, save for calamari.
  • Joshua enjoys drawing, writing, and playing the guitar.