Guess that goes to show that sometimes, the only thing scarier than monsters and real life. Specifically old people having sex. Weird, kinky sex in a dungeon. Boy, that is...that is some dark shit.


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"Journey to Spooky Island" is the 5th episode of the first season of Camp Camp and is the 5th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

After a suspicious Quartermaster warns them not to, Max, Neil, and Nikki venture out to the mysterious Spooky Island to hunt for ghosts, but the kids get more than they bargained for.

Episode description


David attempts to tell the campers a scary campfire story, only to bore others as they roast marshmallows. Various other "scary" stories told next prove that Max is "unscareable" since he is able to use logic to see through everything. As the Quartermaster scares them, he decides, along with David and Gwen, to take Space Kid to get shots for possible rabies. Curious about Quartermaster's attempts to keep them away from Spooky Island, Neil and Nikki aspire to meet a ghost or the secret the Quartermaster is hiding. Max, Nikki, and Neil take a boat to Spooky Island and soon run into Jasper. As they go deeper into the forest, they find Cameron Campbell's old summer home. As they enter and they try to turn the light on, they activate a secret switch in the library and find a lab, to Neil's happiness. When Max flicks on the lights, it can be seen that various unsettling experiment specimens are in jars. As Nikki sees a trail of blood and hair leading to a basement, she is unsettled to find bloody tools and walls, declaring she doesn't want to be there. As Max, in another attempt to prove he isn't scared and that there are no such things as monsters, he discovers the real reason the Quartermaster was so eager to keep him out: it's a sex dungeon and he's hosting an orgy full of old people having kinky sex. A scarred Max, Neil and Nikki are taken back to Camp and, in a twist, Jasper, the camper they encountered in the island, disappears, revealing he was a ghost the entire time.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



  • Camp Campbell boat
  • Quartermaster's dildo hook
  • "Fuck the Police" rock
  • Nikki's pocket thermin
  • stuffed bears



Jasper no shadow

Despite being in a well-lit room, only Jasper is without a shadow.

  • Various hints throughout the episode foreshadow Jasper's reveal at the end of the episode as a ghost:
    • According to Quartermaster, since it is the new moon, ghosts walk the island.
    • Jasper speaks in dated terminology and wears an equally outdated clothing style.
    • Jasper's reason for being happy that Max, Neil and David are on the island is that he believed they are there to stop "the evil". It's possible that "the evil" killed him and he was trying to solve his unfinished business.
    • Jasper lacking a shadow for the entirety of the episode.[1]
  • It's revealed Cameron Campbell has an old summer home on the island. The catapulted boulder from "Mascot" is briefly seen in front of it.
  • The credits state that the friendly pirate kids are voiced by animators Yssa Badiola, Gil Calceta, and Andrew Lhotsky.

Cultural References

  • Jasper's name is a reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • When Max turns the lights on, the full room can be seen. Another poster, labeled "Hilarious Surgeries", depicts the rear view of a person accompanied an eyeball (labeled "Eye") with an arrow pointing to the butt (labeled "Butt"). There are also glass jars around the room filled with various creatures and body parts: a rat, an anglerfish, a goldfish, a brain with eyes on it, a heart, another brain labeled "Abby Normal" (a reference to the Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein), some sort of eel or sea serpent, and what appears to be the head of the character Shrek.
  • Another shelf contains several "Totally Questionable Experiments", including an eyeball with over 10 fingers sticking out of it. Another tank contains "Spanish Fly Trial #263", which seems to be a giant fly with a duck bill and duck feet. Another contains an octopus with what appears to be the head and teeth of the xenomorph from the Alien film series (Max suggests that it is probably the sort of thing that goes into fast food). A final tank, labeled "Take a Cartoon Literally #305", contains two rats, but one has a giant brain and the other's head has been replaced with a human pinky finger, an obvious reference to the cartoon series Pinky and the Brain. (The brainy rat breathes on the glass and then writes "kill me" with its finger.)
  • In another shot, a jar labeled "Über-Aids" with the SS logo and "Nuremburg" [sic] written below it is visible on the same shelf as the xenomorph-octopus.
  • They make a reference to the Scooby Doo cartoon franchise, in which the Harlem Globetrotters have made several guest appearances.
  • The lab contains, among other things, a list of "parts needed" that consists of: toenails, lung nerves, pubic hair, ears, and enamel. There is also a blueprint on the wall next to it labeled "$6,000,000,000 Man", with the number crossed out and replaced with "$100", referencing the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. Arrows pointing to various parts of the person are labeled "homemade stereo speaker" and "grabby claw thing". The poster beside these two is labeled "Unaccounted For Test Subjects". The Campbell Corp tank beside the posters is labeled "Blue Dye #40".
  • Upon entering the basement dungeon, Jasper loses his nerve, suggesting that they all go home, and says they could play some Pogs. Max then throws open the large door to discover the source of the wails, only to find a room of debauchery (including three old people in gimp suits with BDSM paraphernalia, and three others in fursuits) with a banner hanging overhead labeled "Fantasy Island - No Limits ❤️ No Shame". The Quartermaster (wearing a censored purple dildo in place of his usual hook) stands at the center of the room, behind a table with grapes, cheese, wine, and a Campbell Corp box of "Erectile DisFUNction Pills".


  • The rock that says "Fuck the Police" that Max catapulted in "Mascot" is seen again in the background.
  • Quartermaster doing his guilty pleasure acts on Spooky Island is referenced again in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" after he is seen in one of the rooms of the mansion doing other sexual acts.
  • One of the people involved in Quartermaster's BDSM party is seen again later in "Into Town" as a customer of Lester's 'Lectronics.
  • The way Quartermaster stated how "the revolution has begun," was a callback to "Mascot" when he killed the Squirrel King, expecting his fellow squirrels to get back at him for slaughtering their leader.
  • The two stuffed bears are seen again in the episode "Jasper Dies at the End" but back then both were still alive.
    • It is revealed that Cameron has slaughtered them and since then kept them as knick-knacks for his summer home.
  • A running gag where a character mentions Spooky Island causes thunder and lightning to strike down from the sky is first shown in this episode. It is shown later again in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL."
  • The Quartermaster's BDSM party is referenced again in "Dial M For Jasper" after Max threatens the Quartermaster that he would tell everyone else about it if he still refused to open up to the trio about Jasper.


  • The boat that the trio used to travel to Spooky Island becomes a motorboat by the time Quartermaster used it to take them back to the camp.
  • Gwen is not seen standing beside David after he becomes frightened after assuming that Pirate Camp was actually a ghost ship sailing through the night. But she is then seen standing beside him after the Quartermaster snuck up behind them. She disappears again after they all scream at the Quartermaster.


The transcript for "Journey to Spooky Island" may be edited here.
*Insert spoopy music here*  
*wolf howling*  

David: The thing drew closer,  

With its inhuman breathing,  
and claws clicking against the floor with each step...  
The young boy pulled the sheet off the creature to reveal...  
And THAT'S why you should always  
Properly fold and put away your laundry.  
Well, uh, it was scary when it happened to me.  
I was VERY innocent and impressionable back then!  

Gwen: ...So, last week?  

Max: What's scary is how much I want to kill myself right now.  

Gwen: Okay, okay, I got this.  

So once, there was this girl, that no one really understood-  

Max: So help me if this involves vampire romance.  

Gwen: I-it could've been werewolves.  

You dunno!  

Max: Here's a horror story,  

Go look at the job market you're dealing with  
After this camp shuts down.  

Space Kid: ...So nothing scares you, Max?  

*Nikki eating loudly*  

Space Kid: Not even ghosts?  

Max: People in sheets got me concerned,  

But nah, not even ghosts. Just not a screamer.  

Space Kid: What about space ghosts-eh... oh-that's strange  

Uhh, mission control, I don't feel so good.  
*gurgling noises*  
*Space Kid screams*  
*David, Nikki, & Neil scream*  
*Revenge Squirrel growls and shakes its fist-like paw*  

David: Wait a minute!  

How is it that you weren't even fazed by THAT?  

Max: Might've help if I hadn't put it in his suit to begin with.  

David: Alright, tough guy,  

So you think you're so–  
*Moaning and wailing in the distance*  
Tough? Wh-what do you think about that moaning and wailing?  

Max: Pssh, it's just teenagers from that church camp working on those repressions again.  

Not that I know anything about it,  
Just being a kid and all.  

David: AHHHH, what about that ghost ship?  

*more moaning and wailing*  
*David, Nikki, & Neil scream*  

Max: Pirate camp's practicing night sailing.  

Pirate kid: Arrr... mateys!  

*Scary rustling in the underbrush*  

Neil: Uh, guuuuuuys?  

Nikki: GUYS!  

David: Please be puppy (x4)  

Quartermaster: What the blue ball blazes is happenin' here?  

*David, Nikki, & Neil scream*  
[ Opening – "Camp Camp Song Song" ]  

David: Oh! Whew! Hey, Quartermaster.  

Quartermaster: Someun' out here killin' campers?  

Gwen: We're fine, QM.  

We're just having some good old campfire scary stories is all.  

Quartermaster: So... no dead campers then?  

David: Nope! We're good!  

Quartermaster: ...Damn  

*Campers & counselors blink*  
And to be sure; no one's doin' anything stupid,  
Like trying to get over to SPOOKY ISLAND  
*Dramatic sting and thunder*  

David: What? No, of course not!  

Quartermaster: Not even on the night of the new moon, right?  

When ghosts walk the island, an' demons rise from the pit, an' aliens kidnap any trespassers an' probe their tender-  

Gwen: Ohohoho, okay...  

We get it, don't we, kids?  

Quartermaster: ...Anuses.  

...I was gonna say "Anuses."  

Quartermaster: ...What's with space case?  

Max: Squirrel-splosion.  

So the revolution has begun.  
Well, best be gittin' you back to the camp for a rabies shot.  

Space Kid: Aww, not again...  

Quartermaster: Heed my words:  

You better stay away from Spooky Island, no reason to go there, definitely not spooky, stay awaaaayyy....  

Nikki: ...You think he's hiding something?  

Neil: Uh, YES?  

Nikki: *Gasp!* Maybe it was the ghost he was talking about!  

Could you IMAGINE meeting one!?  

Max: Pssh, ghosts don't exist.  

You die, and then you're faced with eternal nothingness.  
It's gonna be great.  


Ooh, could you imagine being the first person to find a ghost?!  
*Gasp!* Or a MONSTER?!  
You'd make the cover of Science Magazine!  

Neil: Hey! That's a magazine about Science!  

Max: SHUT UP!  

There's nothing to be afraid of!  
And I'll prove it.  
*Ominous Music*  

Nikki: Alright, Spook-hunters!  

Let's hunt some Spooks!  

Max: Don't say that...  

Nikki: Do we actually have a detective team name now?  

Ooh! We need a theme song!  
*Plays a spooky theme on the pocket theremin*  

Nikki: HEY! Do you know how hard it is to find a good pocket theremin?!  

Max: I'm counting on it.  

Now focus! Unless that's your backup singer, we've already got company.  
*More Screaming*  

Max: Who the hell are you?  

Jasper: Me? I'm Jasper.  

...But who are you? What are you doing here?  
This is the last place you want to be on a night like this...  
...Real spooky night.  
Terrible creatures seek out the mansion,  
And the wailing...  
Oh, gosh... the wailing...  
And then the bumping in the night starts,  
And they bump, and they bump, and...  
...Hey, where'd you go?  

Platypus: *Muack.*  

*Spooky Organ music plays*  
...What is this place?  
Looks like Campbell's old summer home.  
*Moaning and wailing*  
What the hell was THAT?!  
I told you, dude!  
There are THINGS inside...  
Like monsters?! I knew it!  
Wait, are you guys here to help stop the monsters?  
Are you like a gang of mystery solvers?  
Like the Harlem Globetrotters?!  
...Pretty much.  
Oh wow, you guys got a theme song?  
We're working on it.  
Look, man, you're kinda ruining our dynamic.  
We're a comedy TRIO.  
Besides, there's nothing inside.  
*Spookiness and thunder*  
We'll see who's yawning when we're all DEAD!  
Why would we...?  
*Neil and Jasper scream*  
Calm down, the storm just tripped the power.  
Aww... If only I had my L.A. gear light-up shoes...  
"They light up the night!"  
It's a stuffed bear!  
It's a SECOND stuffed bear!  
That seems redundant.  
Yeah, and I think endangered...  
Let's just get the power back on...  
Right! We shall not waver on our quest for the undead!  
Nikki, there is NOTHING HERE.  
*Neil screaming again.*  
The hell'd you do?!  
Don't have a cow, man!  
I'm just trying to be part of the gang...  

Neil: >Oh my god, you have to get in here quick!<  

Neil! What is it?!  
It's... beautiful....  
A lab!  
Do you know how long it's been since I was in a real lab?  
This is where I wanted to be this summer!  
Oh, my sweet science!  
Weird science, more like.  
Check it.  
Oh, that's much-  
*Everyone screaming...except Max*  
*B-movie horror music*  
You can't go yet! You still have to rid the Island of the EVIL!  
Yeah, come on Neil, shake it off!  
Don't lose your sense of ADVENTURE!  
Don't be so naive. This is mild experimentation at best.  
You have any idea what goes into fast food?  
*splash splash*  
Probably that.  
*Ominous moaning and wailing*  
The tormented souls of the dearly departed!  
And look! A trail of hair and blood!  
*DUN DUN!*  
It's just going to be a wounded dog, or some other coincidental, colossal waste of time!  
You're just sca~ared!  
I am not Scared.  
I feel like we've established this by now.  
Max is sca-ared! Max is sca-ared! Max is...  
Oh jesus fucking lord...  
Whelp! We made it, Nikki!  
Are you happy now?!  
You know what? On second thought, maybe the evil's unstoppable.  
We should all go home. We could... some Pogs!  
Forget this ever happened!  
Oh, no!  
We have to find "Ghosts and Monsters," remember?  
Max, come on! This is way too spooky...  
No, it isn't.  
You know what this is?  
Proof that the founder of Camp Campbell is a rich piece of shit with terrible morals.  
And who also potentially kills people!  
*Moans and wails, spookier this time*  
*Jasper and Neil screaming again.*  

Max: There is no such thing as monsters!  

There's no such thing as ghosts!  
And there. IS NOTHING. TO BE. AFRAID OF!!!  


*Eye-twitch from being permanently scarred from this moment forth*  

Max: . . . AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  

*Grumble* QM: Ruined my night. Probably next one too.  

Jasper: Guess that goes to show that sometimes, the only thing scarier than monsters and ghosts...  

... Is real life.  
...Specifically old people having sex.  
Weird, kinky sex.  
In a dungeon.  
Boy, that is...  
That is some dark shit.  

Platypus: *Muack.*  

[ Ending music – "Talkin' That Shit" ]  


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