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Kerry Shawcross is is an American screenwriter, story writer, director, actor, content producer, on-camera host and animator working as an employee of Rooster Teeth. Kerry is a core member of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter and has appeared in multiple videos.

He is one of the directors of Red vs. Blue and provides the voice of Lieutenant Palomo from the series. He voices is Neptune Vasilias in RWBY and is part of the writing team from volume 3 onward, as well as a writer, director, and co-creator for Camp Camp. He also directed various RWBY Chibi segments, co-wrote episode 4 of Gen:LOCK, and voices Dragonface in X-Ray and Vav.

Episodes Written

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Season 1

Season 2


  • His favorite anime is "Gurren Lagann".
  • He dropped out of college after getting a job at Rooster Teeth, as stated at the RT Animation panel at RTX 2017.
  • He attended and graduated Communications Arts High School in San Antonio.
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