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Kirk Johnson Is an American voice actor for Rooster Teeth. He voices Edward Pikeman from Camp Camp, and also contributes as one of the main script writers as of Season 4.

Outside of Camp Camp, he also appears as Second Lieutenant Vandenbloom in Lazer Team, Larry in Crunch Time, and Loco in Red vs. Blue. He has also made multiple appearances within Rooster Teeth's various shows and projects, including RT Shorts and On The Spot.

Episodes Written[]

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Season 4[]


  • He is originally from New Mexico state, and moved to Austin after graduating film school at Ithaca College.
  • Out of the 18 episodes that consist of season 4, Kirk was a writer for 6 of them. This means he has written more episodes for the season more than any other person.
  • According to Miles Luna from the "Camp Camp Waffle Watch-Along" live stream for the season 4 finale, the very first script he turned in while being tested to see if he would be a good fit for the writing team was "Attack of the Nurfs". Miles loved it so much that they immediately decided to make it an episode with very few changes.