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Larry, otherwise known by his given title Larry the Hamster, was the mascot of Camp Campbell before his death.


Larry the Hamster is an average-sized hamster with a marmalade-colored coat and a honey belly.


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Larry's death was presumed when he was hit and then launched by a flying boulder from Max's catapult into spooky island. When the new successor mascot was being decided, he was discovered to have survived the landing's impact after swimming ashore – but was promptly eaten by the new mascot, an aggressive platypus.

Larry comes from a long line of hamster mascots.


  • The table on which Larry's cage was situated includes a plaque giving Larry the title Larry the Hamster XI.
    • Assuming the average lifespan of a hamster is 3 years, and assuming that Larry's lineage started in Camp Campbell, it may be assumed that the camp is around 30 to 33 years old.[conjecture]