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Leigh Lahav is a comedy writer, animator and illustrator and is one of the main writers for Camp Camp as of Season 3, alongside her husband, Oren Mendez.

She also voices a Magic Camp camper in the episode "Camp Corp."

Episodes Written[]

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Season 3[]


Season 4[]


  • Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez always write the episodes together. They are never individually split apart to collaborate with other writers.
  • She has stated that she tried to do her best impression of Harrison when voicing the Magic Camp camper in "Camp Corp."
  • During the production for "Party Pooper", she based both Louis and Missy off of her own life:
    • Her own father's name is Louis and is also a musician, and their struggles in relating to each other and Gwen's desire for him to be proud of her during the episode are based off Leigh's own experience. Also, Louis' line "You think I'd become a musician in today's economy? Hell no" is something her father actually said. [1]
    • Missy is based off a family dog by the same name, and Leigh says she is proud to give the dog an animated tribute. [2]