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β€œ Well I'll be hornswaggled... ”

—"Into Town"

  • Overview
  • Moe Lester (known simply as Lester to the townsfolk) is the shop founder and owner of Lester's 'Lectronics.


    Lester is tall with a thin build, a decently sized mustache, glasses, and dark hair. Under his green work apron, he wears a sweater vest, red tie, white shirt, and blue pants.


    Lester seems to be a calm sort of guy, making casual friendly chit-chat with those who cross his path. His appearances have been brief and thus not much is known about his personality beyond that of a shopkeeper.

    He made his debut in "Into Town", hiring Neil to work for him due to his vast knowledge on several electronics and appliances. He says he is "hornswaggled" at the skill Neil displays.

    He appears later again in "Camporee" as one of the three unbiased judges.

    He was briefly shown again in "Keep the Change". Cameron Campbell walked into the store with the intention of taking out their trash to shirk his community service, and found it being robbed at gunpoint. Though he mistook the robber as being there to empty the trash as well, he does indeed fight the robber, who runs off promising revenge. Lester decrees that Campbell is a hero, and the town celebrates his accomplishment by giving him 50 dollars and a key to the city.


    • In "Cult Camp", there's an ad on the front page of the newspaper that read Lester's 'Lectronics "Seeking Boy Genius" , referencing Neil in "Into Town" as he temporarily worked for Lester but never came back.
      • They even set him up with a 401K, which Neil mentions at the end of "Into Town", despite him being a child and it being his first day working at the store.
    • In "New Adventure!", the unusual combination of Miss Priss and Lester are shown to be working together. Miss Priss can be seen lifting a large rolled-up carpet, with obvious legs and men's shoes sticking out of the bottom, into the back of a van and slamming the door, with Lester driving the van like a getaway car. It is unknown how the pair know each other, who their victim is, and why they were working together to kidnap him.
    • In the writer's commentary of "Into Town", it is revealed that his first name is Moe.
      • His name is a direct (and unfortunate) pun of the word "molester".