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Ep4 DanceDance

"Dance party!" –Ered in "Camp Cool Kidz"

The following is a list of Camp Camp songs that play during each episode's credit sequence.

Ending themes[]

Season 1[]

The Camp Camp Season 1 Soundtrack containing all of the 12 ending songs for season 1 was released on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on November 25, 2016.

Season 2[]

All Season 2 ending songs were made by Richie Branson. The songs release Friday weekly as singles on most major online music services.

Season 3[]

All Season 3 ending songs were made by Richie Branson.

Season 4[]

All Season 4 ending songs were made by Richie Branson.



  1. Feat. Yung Humma
  2. Feat. Flula Borg and Flynt Flossy
  3. Feat. Adrienne Cowan