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Max Joseph Kruemcke is a former employee of Rooster Teeth Productions who worked as an Art Director in the Art department, and has also overseen some live-action projects such as The Eleven Little Roosters. Max has also made various appearances on Always Open, On The Spot, RT Life, Let's Play, and more.

He provides the voice of The Octopus in Camp Camp.


  • Max attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor's in Radio-Television-Film.
  • Before his work at Rooster Teeth, Max had numerous roles on various projects ranging from movie extras to producer to production assistant. His more notable projects being: "Boyhood", "The Quiet", and "Idiocracy"
  • Max has hosted panels involving LGBT at RTX as well as SXSW, speaking on his experiences as a gay man and the LGBT online community.
  • On September 5, 2019, he |announced he was leaving RoosterTeeth.