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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest trick of all. Getting a cynical, closed-minded asshole to believe in magic!


"Mind Freakers" is the 10th episode of the first season of Camp Camp and is the 10th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Harrison does a magic trick that Neil can't figure out. Desperately, Neil begins to do whatever it takes to find an answer.

—Episode description


The episode starts with Nikki being impressed by Harrison's magic tricks. Max and Neil walk into the crowd cheering for Harrison as Max starts to question what they were all gathered around for. To which Space Kids responds with, Harrison doing his amazing magic tricks. Neil disagrees with his statement which brings the attention of the crowd, he gets into an argument with Harrison and tries to prove that Science can explain each and every trick that Harrison has ever done. Harrison ends up making Max vomit a bunch of tied up scarves, amongst other things, in an effort to convince Neil that magic is more than fictional mumbo jumbo. Max is traumatized by this,and Neil ends up getting little to no sleep trying to figure out how this trick works.

After the intro, the scene pans to Max waking up to a sleep deprived Neil with his complicated explanations on how Harrison's tricks can be explained by Science, all scribbled on a big blackboard. As Neil starts to question Max on how he experienced the trick in his point of view, Max dismisses the idea and retreats to the Mess Hall for breakfast instead. Neil hears Nikki's enthusiastic remarks on Harrison's magic tricks from outside their tent and witnesses Harrison doing more magic tricks which easily impresses Nikki. Neil hears about how Harrison stated that his last trick was more on Physics than actual magic, and gets enraged again. Harrison then states that only true magic believers can witness the power of magic. Neil drags Nikki to the side and quickly inquires her if Harrison ever taught her about his trick, to which he gets a response of "maybe." Neil ends up asking Nikki to learn and know more of Harrison's tricks as a favor.

The next scene proceeds to Max in the Mess Hall, poking around with his food. As Neil enters and strikes up a conversation on selfishness with him, albeit doing the same to Max as of the moment. Max ends up throwing up a bouquet of flowers and decides that he wasn't all that hungry anyway and pushes his tray to the side, heading for the showers.

Nikki walks in and happily greets Neil with good news. As to which upsets Neil even more, and ends up taking Nikki under his wing. Neil "christens" Nikki to Level 4 and vowes to prove Harrison wrong. Nikki nonchalantly agrees to this.

Nikki and Neil stands before the crowd of campers on Harrison's Magic Camp platform, attempting to redo his trick but with the help of Science and his new apprentice, Nikki. As they get doubtful responses from the crowd with a surprised Harrison. Neil gets enraged by the minute and rambles on and on about how Science can explain any phenomenon. Thus bringing out the same chain of handkerchiefs tied together, with the rabbit and Quartermaster's hook. Harrison tries to stop him to no avail.

The crowd grows more excited and eager to witness his trick as Nikki starts to have second thoughts as to which Neil reassures her that everything will be fine. Nikki's worries wash away as Neil proceeds to shove the chain down her throat. Nikki ends up gagging a lot and starts to feel uneasy. The crowd is completely mortified at the sight. Preston questions loudly as to where the counselors were when in time of need. David and Gwen are then seen watching Rob Boss in the Counselor's Cabin. Not having a care in the world as they sink into the relaxing show at the moment.

Meanwhile, Nikki is still chocking to death at an alarming rate. Neil ends up regretting his actions and admits that he doesn't know how to fix it all. Harrison offers to help with the power of magic, but this idea enrages Neil once more, but not after Harrison shoots back at him. Stating that magic is the only fast enough way to save Nikki. But only if Neil starts to believe in magic. The crowd turns serious and threatens Neil to believe in magic. Neil doesn't know what to do anymore and starts doubting his beliefs. He spots Max and inquires him on what he thinks he should do. To which Max replies with vomiting out a pigeon. Max retreats back to his tent (presumably to vomit out a Subaru) which makes Neil finally give in.

As Neil finally admits that he believed in magic, Harrison is seen with a sneaky grin plastered on his face. He then stands up, bows to the crowd and reveals how his greatest trick was to "get a cynical, close-minded asshole to believe in magic". The crowd cheers happily at this as Neil was the only one who was still in distress as Nikki was still, obviously suffering on the cold wooden planks of the platform. After he asks Harrison as to what will eventually happen to Nikki, she strikes up, unharmed, shouting out how it was all just a trick. Neil is baffled beyond words at the stunt that Harrison pulled. Harrison explains for the final time how it's all thanks to magic, boops Neil's nose and bows once more at the crowd, earning a "Fuck You" from Neil.


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  • Max and Neil's coffee maker
  • Max's "NOPE" mug
  • Harrison's chain of handkerchiefs
  • David's phone
  • Gwen's laptop, phone and iPad



  • In "Reigny Day", Max hints that he and Neil share the same tent by stating "Well, more tent for me" after everyone assumed that Neil was dead. This is later confirmed in this episode.
  • It is also shown that he and Neil share a coffee maker, it is seen propped up on a log in their tent.
  • Max is only ever shown to take off his hoodie when he's asleep, then proceeds to put in on for the rest of the day to conceal his Camp Camp shirt.
  • David and Gwen are shown to watch "Rob Boss" together during their spare time.
  • While David and Gwen are seen watching "Rob Boss", David's drawers that are visible in the background are labeled "David" and "Knee High Socks", respectively.
    • In contrast to David who only has one gadget, his phone. Gwen is shown to own a phone, a laptop and an iPad, respectively as seen in the background charging on top of her drawer.

Cultural References

  • The title of the episode (as well as the multiple mentions of Neil having his mind "freaked") is presumably a reference to the TV series Criss Angel Mindfreak hosted by magician Criss Angel.
  • When Harrison makes Max throw up a long chain of scarves tied together, the chain also seems to include a white stuffed rabbit, the Quartermaster's hook, and Ered's purple skateboard.
  • Neil writes a bunch of numbers and equations on a chalkboard in an attempt to understand how Harrison did the trick. Among these, the quadratic formula is visible, as well as the number 23 written over and over on the right side of the board.
  • When Neil asks Nikki if Harrison is teaching her his tricks, she mentions that she wanted to learn "Avada Kedavra", but that Harrison told her it was forbidden. This is the Killing Curse from the Harry Potter series. Later, when Neil tells her that she is now his apprentice, she mentions that she has so much to learn and hasn't even been sorted into a House yet.
  • Neil later asks Nikki, "Did he reveal his secret? Masked Magician-style?" This is a reference to Val Valentino, an illusionist performing under the stage name "the Masked Magician" who hosted a series of specials titled Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed in which he explained the methods behind various magic tricks and illusions.
  • When Neil chugs the rest of his mug in anger after Nikki tells him what Harrison said, the bottom of his mug is visible and is labeled "IKEYA", likely a reference to the furniture retailer IKEA.
  • When Neil "christens" Nikki as level 4, he performs the sign of the cross on her.
  • While the events of the episode are going on, David and Gwen are shown to be watching a show that is clearly meant to resemble Bob Ross's hugely popular series The Joy of Painting.
  • Harrison tells Neil that the spell to save Nikki is powered by belief, like a Spirit Bomb (an attack from the Dragon Ball franchise that works by absorbing energy from the surrounding people).
  • Nikki refers to Neil as fam, a slang term for the word "family".


  • The Nurf-centric nature of the previous episode, as well as the overall low screentime of the main cast, is lampshaded by Neil and Nikki. They also suggest that they will probably do something crazy next week anyway, a reference to the fact that they have much more prominent roles in this episode.


  • The red shading on David's left elbow appears to be missing during the scene where he and Gwen are shown to watch "Rob Boss" during their spare time.


The transcript for "Mind Freakers" may be edited here.

Harrison: So, Nikki... was THIS your card?  

Nikki: *gasps* Oh my gosh! How did you know?!  

Harrison: The answer is simple. It's magic! Tada.  

Nikki: Of course! It makes perfect sense!  

Crowd: *cheering*  

Max: Hey, Space Kid, what's going on?  

Space Kid: Harrison is doing MAGIC. He's incredible.  

Neil: Pssh. "Magic". Come on, Space Kid, I expected better from you. There's no such thing as magic.  

Nikki: Don't you say that, Neil! Just because YOU don't believe —  

Harrison: It's okay, Nikki. Neil just doesn't want his mind freaked by my powers.  

Neil: Sure, Harrison, that's it. It's certainly not because I believe in the fundamental laws of everything in existence, which goes against the slightest chance of magic even being possible.  

Harrison: Then how do you explain... this?  

Nikki: *gasps* I've got money ears!  

Neil: Sleight of hand. The quarter's up your sleeve and the movement of your hand covers up the coin coming out.  

Crowd: *gasps*  

Harrison: I guess that's one way to do it, but that certainly doesn't answer... *drum roll* how these rings link together so effortlessly!  

Crowd: *cheers*  

Nikki: Yeah, Neil! 'Splain that!  

Neil: Trick rings sold specifically for the purpose of that illusion. They're on Amazon for $12.95. Get rekt, Harrison. Why don't you do a real magic trick if you're so good?  

Harrison: So, you want a real trick. Okay then, Neil. I'll perform the greatest trick of all! How about this?! Abracadabra!  

Neil: Amazing, Harrison.  

Max: Come on, Neil. Let's get the fuck —  

Neil: Max? Are you okay?  


Nikki: Oh! You just got Abraca-OWNED, Max!  

Crowd: *cheers*  

Harrison: Yes, and it would've been even better if it had happened to Neil as I intended, but you get the idea. Magic!  

Max: I do NOT feel okay.  

Neil: Whatever. It wasn't that cool.  

Harrison: What's the matter, Neil? Did I freak your mind?  

Neil: Please. That was lame. So I don't know how you did it, big deal. It's not like I'm gonna lose sleep over it.  

Neil: Shit.  

[ Camp Camp Song Song ]  

Neil: Oh, good. You're awake!  

Max: Neil? What are you...  

Neil: I was just thinking about that trick that Harrison did yesterday. Not that I care about it, but I'm THIS close to figuring it out, and I just need to know, at what point did he surgically insert the handkerchief and rabbit into your stomach? Were you awake for it? Or did he put you under?!  

Max: I... I don't want to talk about it.  

Neil: Right, right. I mean no one wants to talk about it, it's just a stupid trick after all, but... what irks me is that the math just isn't there, you know?  

Max: *coughs* Look, I don't know what happened. I just... I'm gonna go get some breakfast before this scars me for life.  

Neil: Nah, yeah! No, that's fine. I'm about to figure it out anyway, even if I wanted to spend more time on it. Which I don't! Because I don't care!  

Nikki: Amazing! Do it again, Harrison!  

Harrison: Well, this isn't really how the trick is supposed to work...  

Nikki: I don't care, this is awesome! The milk goes right through it! How?!  

Harrison: That's kinda just like... normal physics.  

Neil: Oooooh, NOW you're confined by the laws of physics? I thought it was... *gasp* MAGIC! Tada!  

Harrison: Oh, Neil. Magic only works for those who believe in it. Like my new apprentice, Nikki, for example.  

Nikki: Yeah! I believe! Cut me in half! I'll be fine! ...I'll be fine? I'll be fine!  

Neil: Is he teaching you his tricks?  

Nikki: Uh, yeah, he said he would. I wanted to learn Avada Kedavra, but he said it was forbidden or some junk. But I'm learning some serious stuff! Check it out. Pick a card.  

Neil: Look, Nikki. You gotta get Harrison to teach you how to do that trick.  

Nikki: But I thought you said it was dumb.  

Neil: Forget what I said! I know he trusts you, and there's got to be something simple I'm missing.  

Nikki: Okay, Neil. I got you, fam.  

Neil: I don't know what that means, but thank you.  


Max: *sighs*  

Neil: Hey, Max!  

Max: Oh. Hey, Neil.  

Neil: Can you believe that kid? How does Harrison have the gall to do something so hurtful, ya know?  

Max: Yeah. It's kinda shitty. I feel —  

Neil: It's like he doesn't even care how this affects ME!  

Max: You?  

Neil: Yeah! How can he be so selfish? Hey, you gonna eat that?  

Max: Uh...  

Neil: I'll figure it out, though. Just wait and see. So, how's your day going?  

Max: *throws up bouquet of flowers* I, um... I'm gonna go sit in the shower for a while.  

Neil: Bye, Max!  

Nikki: Neil, I'm back! And I have some great news.  

Neil: Nikki! Did he teach you the trick? Did he reveal his secret? Masked Magician style?  

Nikki: No, but he did say that if I keep training, I could get a cool top hat like his!  

Neil: NIKKI! You were supposed to get him to teach you.  

Nikki: I know, but Harrison said that trick is only for a level-four magician. He also said it's easy to figure out if you're smart enough, anyway.  

Neil: Excuse me?  

Nikki: It's okay, Neil! I'm not smart enough either! We can be stupid together!  

Neil: *slurp*  

*coffee cup cracks*  

Neil: Well, if he thinks it's so easy, I guess we might as well TRY IT. YOU WANT TO LEARN MAGIC, NIKKI?  

Nikki: Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!  

Neil: Well, consider yourself MY apprentice now.  

Nikki: I don't know, Neil. There's still so much I need to learn. I've got to reach level four, and I haven't even been sorted into a house yet.  

Neil: Okay, fine. I hereby christen you level four as of this moment.  

Nikki: Oooh. I feel all tingly.  

Neil: Now focus! We're gonna do this trick. And we're gonna do it... with SCIENCE.  

Nikki: ...'Kay.  

Harrison: ...And presto! Just like that, Ered's bad report cards disappear!  

Crowd: *applause*  

Ered: Right on, Harrison. I was just gonna throw 'em away, but that was way cooler.  

Neil: Ladies and gentlemen! Your attention please! Prepare to be dazzled by the magic of... SCIENCE.  

Crowd: *collective ooohing*  

Harrison: What do you think you're doing?  

Neil: Oh, nothing. Just proving that any idiot with half a brain can do that trick you pulled off yesterday.  

Space Kid: Wait, are... are you calling yourself an idiot, Neil?  

Neil: SHUT UP SPACE KID. I'm trying to prove a point!  

Space Kid: Yeah, okay!  

Neil: You see, fellow campers, Harrison has been lying to you.  

Crowd: *gasps*  

Neil: He would have you believe that things like magic really do exist, but we know that's not true! Magic goes against the very laws of nature. Everything can be explained by SCIENCE. Even his tricks! So, to prove him wrong, I am going to re-create his magic trick.  

Crowd: Ooh! Ah!  

Harrison: Neil, don't do this! You're not properly trained in the ways of magic!  

Neil: YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, HARRISON. Someone has to keep order in this chaotic, uncertain world, and it's gonna be me.  

Nikki: Neil, are you sure about this?  

Neil: I believe in the science, Nikki. That's all the certainty I need. In order to begin the trick, I would ask my assistant to please open her mouth.  

Nikki: You got it, boss! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... *continues in the background*  

Neil: Now, look and be amazed, as I revel the truth using my scientific equation, which shows there is only one way something like this is physically possible.  

Nikki: ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... *gags*  

Dolph: Oh my God! Science has gone too far!  

Harrison: Neil, what are you doing?  


Ered: Somebody stop him.  

Harrison: It's too late. His mind has been freaked too hard.  

Preston: Where are the counselors?!  


Bob Ross: Shoot, why don't we just put a happy little tree right here? There.  

Gwen: Wow, this is so relaxing.  

David: I feel like we were supposed to be doing something.  

Gwen: Nah.  

Bob Ross: If you ever paint along with us at home —  

Nikki: *choking*  

Harrison: Neil, this isn't how the trick works! You're going to kill her!  

Neil: The only thing I'm killing is your hocus-pocus bullshit, Harrison! Here comes the rabbit, Nikki.  

Neil: Well, how do ya feel?  

Nikki: Huh. To be honest, I feel pretty good — *starts dying*  

Neil: Uh... Nikki? What do we do, what do we do?! I can't do the Heimlich, I'm not certified!  

Harrison: I can help her. I know a spell that will —  

Neil: NO! NO MAGIC. We're going to save her with SCIENCE. As soon as I figure out how.  

Harrison: There's no time! We have to use the spell! But... it is powered by belief, Neil. It's like a spirit bomb.  

Dolph: Neil! You must believe!  

Ered: Yeah, Neil. Believe in the magic.  

Nurf: Believe or I'll punch you!  

Nikki: *squeaks*  

Neil: Max! What do I do?!  

Max: *vomits a bird* I think I'm gonna be sick.  

Neil: *whimpers*  

Harrison: Neil, just believe!  

Neil: Fine, yes! I believe. I believe in magic! Just do it!  

Harrison: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest trick of all. Getting a cynical, closed-minded asshole to believe in magic!  

Crowd: *cheers*  

Neil: B-but what about Nikki?  

Nikki: Tada! Magic!  

Neil: *yells* But... how? How are you okay, Nikki?!  

Harrison: I keep telling you, Neil. It's magic, silly! Boop!  

Crowd: *applauds*  

Neil: Fuck you, Harrison.  


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