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Image Name Gender Episode Appearances Description
Camp Campbell Wants YOU! 078 Camp Campbell Campers Male ♂ and Female ♀ "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!", "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" They are a group of campers that used to attend Camp Campbell back when David and Jasper were attending it as well. They made their debut in the pilot and are briefly seen after the intro in the episode "Romeo and Juliet II: Love Resurrected".
Sal Sheriff Sal Male ♂ "Escape from Camp Campbell" He is the sheriff and head of law enforcement of Sleepy Peak who briefly makes an appearance near the end of the episode. Handing David a parking ticket and stating that he's fairly tired of having to come up to the camping grounds to deal with the camp's shenanigans.
S1-E5 pirate camp 2 Pirate Camp campers Male ♂ and Female ♀ "Journey to Spooky Island" They are a group of campers dressed like pirates who make a cameo appearance in the episode "Journey to Spooky Island", sailing through the shores of Lake Lilac.
Mascot Minor Character Navy Blue haired camper Female ♀ "Mascot" She is briefly seen near the end of the episode chanting "Pussies!" alongside the other campers.
WHYYY Fantasy Island Patrons Male ♂ and Female ♀ "Journey to Spooky Island", "Into Town", "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" They are a group of various elders clothed in sexual attire or certain creatures/animals who take part in the sexual affairs that The Quartermaster often hosts at Spooky Island. One of them is seen more often than the others, such as when he was a customer at Lester's shop or when he was seen again in Spooky Island in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" giving the Quartermaster a blowjob.
C-c-c Camp Critic Committee Unknown "Reigny Day" They are a trio of critics who judge summer camps and its counselors for consideration for the Camp Counselor of the Year Award. In the episode "Reigny Day," David reveals that they have checked up on them the previous year only to witness the paralyzation of a past camper but swore that it would be different now that it's been past a year. They end up awarding Dolph the Counselor of the Year despite it only being a last minute resort plan.
Geezer -1 Geezer #1 Male ♂ "Into Town", "Bonjour Bonquisha" Geezer #1 is one of the two old geezers that sit around in their rocking chairs outside of a run down building in the community of Sleepy Peak. He informs the trio on how The Great Naked Ankle incident that happened in 1901 made the mayor of the town outlaw anyone from having any fun.
Geeezer -2 Geezer #2 Male ♂ "Into Town", "Bonjour Bonquisha" Geezer #1 is one of the two old geezers that sit around in their rocking chairs outside of a run down building in the community of Sleepy Peak. He is usually seen with Geezer #1.
Barkeep Barkeep Male ♂ "Into Town", "Camporee" He is a bartender of the local bar of the community of Sleepy Peak called The Only Bar. He makes another appearance in "Camporee" as one of the "unbiased judges" alongside Geezer #2 and Lester.
Lester (Into Town) Lester Male ♂ "Into Town", "Camporee", "Bonjour Bonquisha", "Cookin' Cookies" He is the owner of his trinkets' shop called "Lester's 'Lectronics". He hires Neil without hesitation after finding out about his vast knowledge on appliances. He is one of the three "unbiased judges" alongside Geezer #2 and the Barkeep in the episode "Camporee". He is seen again in "Cookin' Cookies" as one of the townsfolk that got infected by the Flower Scouts' desoxyn induced cookies.
Bouncer Bouncer Male ♂ "Into Town", "Cookin' Cookies" The Bouncer guards the entrance to Muffin Tops, Sleepy Peak's local strip club which Max and Nikki enters, thinking that it was a bakery while finding David in the process. He drags the two out of the joint telling Max to never come back and for Nikki to come back once she turns 18. He is seen again in "Cookin' Cookies" snorting the desoxyn induced cookies that the Flower Scouts were responsible for.
Scotty camp camp screenshot Scotty Male ♂ "David Gets Hard" Scotty is a Visual Comedy camper of Camp Campbell who only ever made an appearance once all throughout the show. Like his appointed camp states, he doesn't speak for the most part. Only using whatever visual gag prop he nearby as his source of entertaining others.
Jacob Jacob Male ♂ "Bonjour Bonquisha" Jacob is Bonquisha's new boyfriend. He made his debut near the end of the episode "Bonjour Bonquisha".
Cookin' Cookies 004 Flower Scouts Female ♀ "Cookin' Cookies" The Flower Scouts are a group of girl scouts that usually consists of girls with different bright colored hair and sassy arrogant attitudes. With Troop #789 being led by Ms. Priss, who is as arrogant and sassy as her campers.
Kevin Discreet Dirty Kevin Male ♂ "Cookin' Cookies" He is a drug dealer whom Ms. Priss gets her daily dose of Desoxyn from who ends up helping a bunch of Flower Scouts in their yearly cookie sales after agreeing to split the fortune. He is based on a real life drug dealer that Michael encountered during his stay at New York.[1]
Guzman Bodyguards Mr. Guzman's bodyguards Male ♂ "Cookin' Cookies" They are the bodyguards of Mr. Guzman who are also part of his Mexican Drug Cartel association. They greatly fear Las Diablitas after hearing about how their feisty attitude and how they immediately defeated them with such ease in the drug selling apartment in less than a day. Two of his bodyguards get killed after Erin and Tabii throw a bunch of sharpened cookies made to mimic shurikens.
Cashier Cashier Female ♀ "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever" She is the cashier that assists David with his Christmas shopping during his stop at The General Store.


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