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Hey! There's some funny business going on here. I signed my boy up for Behavioral Correction Camp. Not paints and crafts or whatever this queer shit is!

— "Parents' Day"

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  • Mrs. Nurfington is Nurf's mother. She makes her debut in "Parents' Day," as she is being accompanied by a military soldier.

    Appearance []

    Mrs. Nurfington greatly resembles her son, Nurf. She has a tanky build, a large nose, and red-orange hair that's messy like a lion's mane. She wears a typical orange inmate uniform along with a name tag that says "Nurfington" and black shoes.


    Mrs. Nurfington is short tempered and has anger issues, of which may have been the reason why she landed in jail in the first place. She admires how her son has changed for the better and wishes that she could have learned what he did before she went to jail.


    To see the full gallery, go to Mrs. Nurfington/Gallery.


    • In "Anti-Social Network" Nurf mentions that she is in jail, and later on in "Parents' Day" Mrs. Nurfington is confirmed to be an inmate, even being accompanied by a military soldier.
      • In the same episode, it is shown that she sends her son knives as gifts.
    • She has a striking resemblance to Skout from Nomad of Nowhere.
    • She apparently got pregnant to get Nurf's father back, which Nurf mentions in "Bonjour Bonquisha".
    • She writes in to David and Gwen in "The Fun-Raiser" thanking them for looking after her son, but calling parts of their camp queer, also calling them "weirdos".
      Screenshot 20190618-071337

      Ms. Nurfington's letter on the left (yellow)