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Muffin Tops is a strip club located in Sleepy Peak. It made its debut in "Into Town" after Max and Nikki go there because the bartender told them that David might've went there. They are swiftly kicked out, with the bouncer telling Max not to come back, and for Nikki to come back when she turns 18. Max seems a bit traumatized from what he saw in there, saying that he "wasn't prepared" for whatever it was.

It is referenced in "Keep The Change", in which Cameron Campbell decides to grab a celebratory drink for completing a day of community service. He ends up getting fairly drunk off-screen and needing David to drive him home.




  • Not to be confused with Muffin Topz, which is a restaurant offering a deal on All You Can Eat shrimp and steak as advertised on their newspaper ad in "Cult Camp."