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Space Kid

"NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" is the 1st bonus episode in the second season of Camp Camp, and is the 25th episode overall in the series.

It was first announced on Jordan Cwierz's Twitter[1]. It premiered on October 6th, 2017, for Rooster Teeth FIRST Members, and October 7th for the general public.


An epidemic of illness is spreading throughout the camp, causing its victims to turn into snot-nosed zombies. It's up to the few kids spared to find a cure!

—Episode description


Neil is demonstrating The Law of Conservation of Energy to a bored group of campers. Snapping out of his boredom, Max realizes he hasn't seen either Gwen nor David, just as a scream rings out. The campers rush to the source of the distress and find Preston and Dolph holding back the counselor's cabins doors; the latter of which explains that they are trying to keep the counselors isolated due to their sudden illness.

David manages to pry open the door, attempting to calm them down, only to sneeze on Dolf, infecting him and causing him to sneeze on Nerris, who then sneezes on Harrison. As a panicked Neil realizes the disease is spreading fast, Nurf contains them in the cabin. Gwen asks the non infected campers to get them some medicine, since they don't have any. With a trip to town not being a option, Neil points out there may be medicine at Campbell's Spooky Island lab.

Suddenly, it's revealed that Nurf too has been infected. As he sacrifices himself to stay behind to hold off the zombie-like, sick campers, the remaining campers, Ered, Preston, Neil, Space Kid, Max and Nikki, arrive at the Spooky Island home of Campbell, as Neil sniffles. While hunting for a way to enter the lab, Neil exposes his sickness and causes everyone to split up trying to avoid infection.

One by one, all the campers become infected. Space Kid is revealed to be immune to the infection due to his helmet shielding him from the germs. Max and Space Kid then escape into a garden maze through a window, with Max telling Space Kid about the laundry chute Ered mentioned before. However, before he can enter specifics, he is infected as well.

Now alone, Space Kid returns inside the house to find the lab, determined to find a cure. He manages to come across Jasper, who, due to being a ghost stuck on Spooky Island, knows the manor like the back of his hand and leads Space Kid to a square laundry chute. Space Kid realizes his helmet won't allow him to fit through the chute and he has to take it off, which risks infection. Space Kid lands in the secret lab and rummages for medicine, eventually finding a jar of Penicillin. Just then, a group of infected campers fall down the chute, all wrapped up into a ball and strewn from the chute's opening above. The campers, bound together by the ball, find themselves unable to reach Space Kid (due to the conservation of energy) to infect him. Relieved, Space Kid opens the jar of penicillin and shoves it into Nikki's mouth.

The scene then jump cuts to everyone back in camp, cured thanks to Space Kid's heroics. He is rewarded by not having to clean the bathrooms that have been violated by the sickly campers and staff. However, as they celebrate their good health and honor Space Kid, he sneezes in his helmet to the dismay of the others. With no more medicine available, Max quickly concludes that within his suit, Space Kid cannot infect anyone else. Satisfied with this reasoning, everyone slowly disperses away from the now sick Space Kid, left alone to suffer through his sickness.


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


  • Penicillin
  • "Cure for Cancer" medicine
  • Immortality Elixir
  • Mansion Blueprints
  • Viagro
  • Space Kid's helmet
  • "The Art of the Steal" book




  • This is the first episode that was considered a special.
  • The scene where the infected campers couldn't get to Space Kid while dangling from the ceiling wires was a callback to earlier in the episode, when Neil was describing the Conservation of Energy to the campers, with Space Kid being the only one who was interested in what he had to say.
  • The Science Lab below the mansion is shown to include a beaker of green liquid labeled "Elixir for Immortality," and a box that says "Cure for Cancer."
  • Campbell's medicine cabinet includes moustache wax, a comb, a razor, pills labeled "Y2K Lube Tube "Like it's 1999" and Viagro pills.
  • Campbell appears to have written a book called :"The Art of the Steal" as it was found by Ered in the mansion's library.
    • Additional to that, the library also contains a blueprint that shows the ins and outs of the building.
  • Behind the mansion is Campbell's wine cellar that includes red wine, white wine, cheap wine, expensive wine as well as various unknown food and stocks along with Jasper's Pog collection.

Cultural References[]


  • The rock that says "Fuck the Police" that Max catapulted in "Mascot" is seen again in the background of Spooky Island, but now it has moss growing on it.
  • The Quartermaster is seen doing his dirty pleasured acts again in one of the rooms of Campbell's Summer Home, a likely reference to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
  • Max referring to Space Kid as "the most expendable" and thus leaving him in harms' way is referenced again in this episode, the first time being in "Camp Cool Kidz."
  • Regardless of what most fans think, this is actually the second time that Space Kid takes off his helmet in the series. The first time he did was in "Reigny Day" when he was filling his helmet with coffee.
  • Quartermaster doing sexual acts is referenced again in this episode, the last time was in "Journey to Spooky Island."
    • Additionally, Jasper's Pog collection that was left in Campbell's wine cellar is referenced again in this episode. Jasper first mentions playing Pogs in the same episode ("Journey to Spooky Island.").
  • The way Nikki says "Lemme get at them keys" is referencing the time she says it like so in "Camporee" when she says "Lemme get at 'em boats."
  • The running gag wherein thunder and lightning can be seen and heard in the background whenever someone mentions Spooky Island is referenced again in this episode. The last time being in "Journey to Spooky Island".
  • Max references Candy and Carl having sex in the episode "Parents' Day" when he tells Nikki that the cold was spreading faster than her mom's legs on Parents' Day.
  • Campbell's personal winery is explored a bit here, and is mentioned again in "Panicked Room".
  • It is hinted that Jasper was presumably killed at Spooky Island as he had stated that he is cursed to haunt the island until his corporeal body was to find peace in the living realm.
    • This is later confirmed in "Dial M For Jasper", since it was revealed that it was because of Jasper accidentally lighting up the cache of dynamite which blew up everything in the cavern that he died.



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