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"Naughty Farmer" is the ending song of "Mascot", the second episode of season one of Camp Camp. It is played during the ending sequence.


Call me naughty farmer (ahh)
I grow straight freaks (for real)
Call me naughty farmer (ahh)
I grow straight freaks (okay)
Call me naughty farmer (ahh)
I grow straight freaks (yeah)
I grow straight freaks (yeah)
I grow straight freaks
[Lyric 1]
One thing that I've learned (learned)
And this is for certain (certain)
A girl would do anything anytime if you the right person (ahh)
The thing about freaks (freaks)
Sometimes they don't know (baby)
Exactly how nasty or far that they'd even go
My job's to let her know
Introduce her to things she ain't done before
Head to the bed then the patio
Then on to the fridge and against the door (haahaa)
Run run to the corner store she gonna pack it for
And I ain't got no more
And that's for sure
Old McFlossy has a freak so e i e i e i e i yooooo
Never did it (yeah), sounds like fun
Do what I gotta do, gotta get her done
She don't know better, I gotta go get her
She didn't know that the kitty gets wetter (that the kitty gets wetter?)
That a cat sure does
She coming to the Floss cause she know what it was
Old McFlossy is a freak so e i e i e i e i yoooooo
[hook x2]
[Lyric 2]
I say all the right things
But then I do even better
Cause when you mentally sex her just gives her double the pleasure
Now, I kissing her feet
Just unleashing the freak
See, she's feeling she's wanted
Now she's submissive to me (haaaaa)
Go time, tell her what you will
Cause when I get you open Imma go for the kill
Little boys won't but a grown man will
Give it what you want
Bet you're loving how it feels
Chill baby girl, no time to tease
Flint Flo Double just trying to please
Tell me what you wanna do
Baby I'm here for you
A naughty farmer helps a lady do what she thought she'd never
Said it wasn't her, not her thing
Yeah, right, whatever
Blah blah blah blah blah
Motivation, you know
Now for love that's good drop down them drawers
And let me e i e i e i e i yooooo
[hook x2]
[Lyric 3][Yung Humma]
From a shack in the road
Imma get in low
How many weeks does it take for a freak to grow
Thought I had it figured out
But I didn't know
'till I met a little lady
Who was willing to show
Me everything I was missing
When you listen to the story I'm about to tell
Began a few years back
I was racked in a shack, with a stack full of bad females
Walked in the room, then I was doomed
By the time I came in through the door (let's go)
Had studio lights (ayy), edible tights (ayy), cage in the middle of the floor
It was a fortress of sexual courses
For this I was glad my pistol had a full clip
By the end of the day my whole body was drained
If you wanted to smang Humma couldn't give a little drip
Bootcamp for nymphos
And I looked at her as a Navy Seal
She had me hung from my tongue on the chandeliers
Sprung for the year she even made me squeal
Graduated to beasthood
Smanging ladies on the daily week after week
People know me as Humma
Across niggas no other
Naughty farmer look at me as the incredible freak
[hook x2]