I would just like to point out the fucked up implications of specifically you putting specifically me into a gas chamber.

—Neil to Dolph, "Cult Camp"

Neil is one of the main characters of Camp Camp. He is a Science Camp camper at Camp Campbell, although reluctantly as he was disappointed to find out that Science Camp was not as promising as it lead on.


Neil has chestnut-brown curly hair, a mustard yellow, short-sleeved turtleneck, and dark red skinny jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. He also has white tennis shoes with baby blue laces and trimon the bottom. He has blue eyes with pale skin.

As Neeancy, he has eyeliner and blush on, along with seaweed covering most of his hair, making him look more feminine.


Neil's passion lies in Science. He has memorized many different equations and concepts, and in "Into Town," is shown to be able to fix a VCR with barely any thought. He even goes so far as to challenge Harrison's magical abilities, stating with an air of sarcasm that the reason he doesn't believe Harrison's powers are real is, "Certainly not because I believe in the fundamental laws of everything in existence, which goes against the slightest chance of magic even being possible."[1] He was also shown to be rather easy to anger when it came to the camp's science section, as it didn't fit his standards, and fell far below his expectations. He seems to dislike nature immensely, as he stated that he could've spent the summer in an air-conditioned laboratory, rather than a "future Wal-Mart parking lot."

Despite grievances, Neil gets along well with his friends, Max and Nikki, and does care immensely for the both of them. Neil and Max often see eye to eye on their less than positive views of the camp and have attempted to escape together numerous times. Neil and Nikki also have a positive relationship despite their stark differences.

Neil is shown to have a dislike for fellow camper, Harrison, due to the fact that he can't use science to explain his many magical anomalies. In "Mind Freakers," Harrison performs a trick that even he cannot understand with his scientific abilities. Neil proceeds to stay up all night, attempting to explain what happened, and ultimately failing.

In the episode "Scout's Dishonor," Neil is shown to have a talent for the many things the Flower Scouts do, such as drawing and coloring, sewing, embroidery, and minding manners at the table.

In "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," Neil is shown to have serious stage fright. He even asks Max to hit him when reminded that, if injured, he wouldn't have to perform (Max complied, and gently slapped him). However, once on the stage, he puts on a relatively good performance and is even able to remember his lines. He only breaks character once Tabii shows up on the stage, having filled in the role of Juliet instead of Nikki.


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  • Given the style of his hairdo, which is colloquially referred to as a "Jew-fro", and the fact that he celebrates the Sabbath, Neil is presumably Jewish. This has been confirmed by the writers and even Neil himself that he is indeed Jewish.
  • He is shown to heavily resemble his dad, facial feature wise and the like. They both have chestnut brown hair, wears a yellow turtleneck and red skinny jeans with matching shoes.
  • According to "Reigny Day," Nurf bullies him Tuesdays, Thursdays, and nondenominational holidays, as he "understands that Neil celebrates the Sabbath."
  • In "Cult Camp," Neil points out "the fucked up implications of specifically Dolph putting specifically him inside of a gas chamber." This is a reference to the Holocaust.
  • Neil has shown the capability to create advanced computer software in "Anti-Social Network," turning 20 years old graphing calculators into chatbots, and has the coding skills to make a NEIL ROCKS screensaver.
  • In the Camp Camp Teaser Trailer, Neil is shown to have asthma.
  • In "Quartermaster Appreciation Day," it was revealed that Neil's parents have a bad relationship. This was reinforced when Neil said that they hate each other, and when Nikki referred to their relationship as a "garbage fire."
  • Neil is shown to know morse code as shown in "Space Camp Was a Hoax" when he told Space Kid to F.U.C.K O.F.F. in morse code.
  • In "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," Neil, along with Nikki and Max, sang their very first song in the series.
  • Similar to how he and Nikki's parents have similar initials, he and Nikki also appear to share the same initials.
  • Neil is very similar to Simmons from Red vs Blue, both are considered nerds, both are awkward around girls, and both are very intelligent.
  • Neil is older than Nikki because in "Parents Day" Nikki says she always wanted an older brother while referring to Neil.


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