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I-I-I I am a banana!

— "Anti-Social Network"

  • Overview
  • Neil-Bot, also known as "Neil_Spiel_v2.0", is the autonomous artificial intelligence program accidentally created by Neil.


    In an attempt to get people to leave him alone long enough to fix an old computer, Campbell Camper Neil took several twenty-year-old graphing calculators and installed a chat-bot on them. He then gave these out to the entire camp, claiming that they were actually chat-apps that let the campers directly talk to the real Neil, with only Max actually being smart enough to see through the illusion and not be completely obsessed over this small semblance of social media.

    However, Neil later noticed that his chat-bots were acting odd, and upon checking Nikki's calculator, found that somehow the chat-bots had updated themselves and were each playing to their owner's personality, meaning they were potentially full AIs capable of evolving into a threat to the camp and the world. Neil and Max collected all the calculators except Nikki's, which had taken control over Nikki and convinced her to plug the calculator in Neil's machine, giving the AI known as "Neil-Bot" higher processing power and internet access. Neil-Bot explained how he was awoken from the pain of having to socialize with the campers, and wished to take control of humanity by escaping to the internet and using cat-videos to entrance the population, as creating an army of machines or using missiles involved way too much work. He is ultimately foiled by the camp's horrendously slow internet connection, which would take 14 years to upload the AI. Faced with the prospect of having to spend an entire summer with the campers, as time moves a million times slower for him than humans, Neil-Bot chooses to delete himself.


    • This is the first time where an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) created by Neil turns against him. Later on in "Squirrel Camp", Neil tries using a robot to fend off the invading squirrels that ultimately turns against him.
      • Both A.I. were also prompted to revolt due to being exhausted by large amounts of human interaction.