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Season 1[]


β€œ Yeah! Like a unicorn! ”

—Nerris, wanting to look for a mascot with such qualities

"Scout's Dishonor"[]

"Camp Cool Kidz"[]

"Journey to Spooky Island"[]

"Reigny Day"[]

"Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected"[]

"Into Town"[]

"David Gets Hard"[]

"Mind Freakers"[]


"The Order of the Sparrow"[]

Season 2[]

"Cult Camp"[]

"Anti-Social Network"[]

"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak"[]

β€œ You can be the dwarf. Because they're dumb and ugly, just like your face ”

—Nerris, after Harrison requests to be the mage on their quest.

β€œ Anyone else want a 20-sided ass kicking? ”

—Nerris, to the squirrels

β€œ Quick! Use Harrison as a dwarven shield! ”

—Nerris, after the squirrels started to attack the group

"Jermy Fartz"[]

β€œ It's painfully obvious. I don't remember if you guys ever found the gold dragon's stone-filled gizzard to add to a mixture of Tarrasque blood and 12-headed Hydra bile to cast Carcus' Avatar. Because I did. ”

—Nerris' explanation on why she's the best camper

"Jasper Dies at the End"[]

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"[]

"Bonjour Bonquisha"[]

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

"Eggs Benefits"[]

"Space Camp Was a Hoax"[]

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

"Parents' Day"[]



"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"[]

Season 3[]

"The Fun-Raiser"[]

"Ered Gets Her Cool Back"[]

β€œ Status Effect: sadness. ”

—Nerris, after Max insulted her

β€œ More Experience Points for Nerris the Cute! ”

—Nerris, after she states that no one else liked to join her on her quests

"Foreign Exchange Campers"[]

"Nikki's Last Day on Earth"[]

"Dial M For Jasper"[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

"Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"[]

"Something Fishy"[]

"The Candy Kingpin"[]

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

"City Survival"[]

"Camp Corp."[]


"Arrival of the Torso Takers"[]

"Culture Day"[]

Season 4[]

"Keep the Change"[]

β€œ That is horrifically underhanded. ”

—Nerris when she learns that David faked a robbery to prove a point.

"Attack of the Nurfs"[]

β€œ Necromancy! ”

—Nerris when she Nurf and his clone before being punched away from them

"Who Peed the Lake"[]

β€œ Haha! And you say Live Action Role Playing makes me look foolish. ”

—Nerris to Harrison when he struggles to levitate a straw.

"New Adventure!"[]

β€œ Son of a witch! ”

—Nerris when she misses the van Ms Priss is on.

β€œ Ugh, don't get me wrong. LARP is life and life is LARP. It's just there isn't a single demi-human with in a 20 mile radius of camp. ”

—Nerris to Dolph and Nikki

β€œ Oh of course. Self-play is essential to hone one's preferred skills and magic. But the siren song of any new LARPer is community. ”

—Nerris to Nikki on LARPing by herself before being comforted by Nikki and Dolph

β€œ Does an owl bear poop in the woods? ”

—Nerris when Nikki offers her and Dolph to hang out same place next week.

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence"[]

"Follow the Leader"[]

"Preston Goodplay's Good Play"[]

"After Hours"[]

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]


About Nerris[]