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You know what else I love about Christmas? You guys.

—"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"

Nicolette, who prefers to go by Nikki, is one of the main characters of Camp Camp. She is an Adventure Camp camper at Camp Campbell but was originally a Flower Scout. It has been hinted that her mother, Candy, may have lied to her about what type of camp she was originally going to attend.


Nikki is among the shortest people at camp. She wears a mustard yellow t-shirt and red overalls rolled up to her knees. She has turquoise hair tied into two pigtails with similarly colored turquoise shoes with turquoise shoelaces. Her eyes are a bright pink. She has two white band-aids on her left cheek and scratches on her right cheek, hinting she often gets hurt over her love of adventure.


Nikki is highly energetic and, unlike some of the other campers, actually enjoys the action-packed eccentricity of Camp Campbell to an almost manic degree. Nikki has even stated that dreaming of a perfectly normal day at camp is the "the worst nightmare I've ever had", to a point where she is so upset by the very idea that she falls to her knees and sobs uncontrollably ("After Hours"). She had signed up for Adventure Camp and has shown to very much enjoy adventures, and has more so a love of the ones that are the most chaotic. She is one of the few characters who seems to be completely on board with practically any of the activities presented to the group, and will often participate in them with unbridled excitement. She is not the smartest of people, as she goes along with everything without question, and often makes dumb remarks about things. She is very friendly and outgoing, and seems to get along with most of the campers, even Nurf.

She seems to enjoy dangerous things, describing herself as "an agent of chaos." She seemed to be very attached to a Platypus that she found after learning it was venomous, went along with Max's escape plan for the sole reason of wanting to drive a bus, and even insisted that she wanted a Viking funeral, saying to "Light me up!" When asked what she would do when she left the camp, she stated she wanted to live with the animals, get raised by wolves, maybe become an alpha, and pee on stuff ("Scout's Dishonor").

Nikki is also to shown to be a bit of a glutton as she is easily excited by food, as she scarfs the Quartermaster's mashed potatoes in the theme song, devours an massive amount of food that was prepared for her in "Nikki's Last Day on Earth", and in "The Lake Lilac Summer Social" she eats two of every option at the snack table. She also has a serious affinity for pixi-stix in the episode "The Candy Kingpin", but has to make a conscious effort to stay away from them as her energy levels tend to go off the charts. Despite all of this, she shows no signs of obesity. Probably because she's often running around and/or crawling on things, she easily burns it all off. In "Nikki's Last Day on Earth", her weird cravings in that episode specifically were due to her period.

Nikki also is one of the more emotional campers, and the most sensitive of the trio. She frequently gets teary-eyed and sad, such as tearing up when Max left her and Neil in "Foreign Exchange Campers", almost crying when she thought she had broken her egg in "Eggs Benefits", breaking down sobbing after a nightmare (After Hours), being more sad and confused when Max said they were temporary friends in "Camp Corp", and crying multiple times during her period, though these could be explained as mood swings.

She was previously a Flower Scout, but their strict and overly feminine behavior clashed with her love of nature and adventures, and she was kicked out by them. Nikki refers to the experience as traumatic for her.


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  • Although it has not been directly said by any character in the show, on page 4 of the Camp Press Kit, Nikki is stated as being 10 years old.[1]
  • Nikki seems to have a unique bond with wild animals, even managing to tame an eagle named Timothy in "Scout's Dishonor." She also makes mention of her plan to possibly become the alpha of a wolf pack upon escaping the camp.
    • Nikki can speak a bit of squirrel, as shown in the episode "Squirrel Camp", but she is rusty and doesn't fully understand what is being squeaked.
  • In "Camporee" it is revealed that she is even capable of cross-species communication, by barking at a wolf to subdue it, then unleashing it on the Wood Scouts and Flower Scouts.
    • She has also been shown to exhibit dog/wolf-like traits, such as biting David's hand in "Escape from Camp Campbell", and barking & growling at Max when confronting him in "Camp Cool Kidz". In the hunt for Neil in "Reigny Day" she also declared she'd act like a bloodhound to search, getting down on all fours and sniffing the ground.
  • Her parents aren't together/have split up multiple times.[2]
  • In "Reigny Day" Nikki is seen somehow telepathically communicating with David as he laments losing his award to Dolph. Specifically, she notes that "he really looks like Hitler."
  • If Nikki is away from nature for too long, she unconsciously becomes more feminine in appearance, and visibly ill, to the point of coughing up blood. This deterioration was shown in "Into Town".
    • Although in the episode "City Survival", she seems to be fine when she was exposed to the city. This could be due to her breathing into a paper bag full of dirt frequently throughout the episode.
  • In an interview, Jordan Cwierz states that Nikki was the most fun character for them to write because they could easily put her in any situation, and she just adapts to it easily.
  • In "New Adventure!" Nikki confides in Dolph and Nerris that "it's nice to take a step back and let my hair down" because camp adventures can get "so stuffy" due to Max's micromanaging behavior.
  • Though Nikki generally is not afraid of anything, in "Journey to Spooky Island", she becomes frozen with fear after seeing the dungeon on spooky island, just saying "I don't wanna be here."
  • Nikki is the first of two characters to have originally be a part of a previous camp before joining another one. With her originally coming from the Flower Scouts to becoming a camper at Camp Campbell. The second being Jermy Fartz, originating from Camp Campbell before becoming a Wood Scout.
  • Nikki's favorite holiday is Christmas as revealed in "Parents' Day" and was highlighted again in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever".
    • It is also the first time in the series wherein she, Neil, and Max sing a song.
    • It is also revealed that Nikki and Nurf both believe that Santa Claus exists but for two completely different reasons. While Nikki believes that Santa exists because he's the one handing out all the gifts, Nurf believes that Santa is real because he suspects Santa to be the one to drink all the leftover Christmas beer.
    • At the end of the episode, Nikki finally reveals why she loves Christmas so much. It was not the usual reasons (such as gift giving or religion), but because of the acts of kindness, as shown when Space Kid gifts Gwen a makeshift snow globe of the Mess Hall using his own helmet for all the hard work she's done.
  • Nikki has a deep hatred for grapefruit, as revealed in "New Adventure!", saying it "looks like an orange got smallpox."
  • Nikki has a profound love for peanut butter, as she states "mama needs her PB&J after a long day" in "Squirrel Camp".
  • Nikki can play the theremin, or at least a pocket-sized version of one, as shown in "Journey to Spooky Island", and got upset when Max smashed hers as they are difficult to find.
  • The name of Nikki's first cat was Noodle Bones, as revealed in "Attack of the Nurfs".
  • Like many children, Nikki worries about growing up, but seems to have severe anxiety over it. In "Time Crapsules" she repeatedly asked about how to get a future that she actually wants, and also violently rips out her pigtails from the stress of having to construct a time capsule.
    • She has also been upset about growing up before, lamenting the start of her first period at the end of "Nikki's Last Day on Earth".
  • Similar to how she and Neil's parents have similar initials, she and Neil also appear to share the same initials.


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