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Camp Campbell campers[]


Oh, we're just trying to be the best parents we can be, Max! Everything's perfectly fine.

—Nikki to Max in "Eggs Benefits"

Play games Look at boobs (Anti-Social Network)

Nikki and Max suggesting to look at boobs play games on Neil's computer.

Max is one of Nikki's best friends. Nikki and Max both meet in "Escape from Camp Campbell," when she and Neil first arrive at the camp. She is one of the few people that Max respects and actually sees as a friend rather than another annoying person. Nikki is often seen backing up Max's troublemaking antics which often gets them into trouble.

As the series progressed, so does their friendship. After the events of "Escape from Camp Campbell," Nikki is shown to often hang out with Max and Neil as they try their every attempt at trying to escape Camp Campbell.


It's okay, Neil. I'm not smart enough either, we can be stupid together!

—Nikki to Neil in "Mind Freakers"

Neil is also one of her best friends. She and Neil are usually seen backing up Max's troublesome antics which often gets them in trouble. As revealed in "Parents' Day," she's been wanting to have an older brother as to which she sees Neil as one, while she proceeds to noogie him and call dibs on top bunk if ever they were to move in together as siblings

In “A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever,” Neil and Max try to figure out why she loves Christmas so much. Eventually making Nikki break out into song, with the two joining in. At the end of the episode, she finally figured it out for herself why she loved Christmas so much (which didn’t even had any connection to the holiday itself). She then adds another reason as to why she loved Christmas so much. Which turned out to be the two boys. As she pulls them into a group hug. Also Despite having no interest in Christmas itself (because he’s Jewish), Neil is clearly interested in finding out why Nikki loves it so much. Considering he’s rather introverted and tends to prefer being alone, it’s pretty sweet to see him get invested in finding out why something makes one of his friends so happy.

[C]In “Foreign Exchange Campers” the two are mostly around each other throughout most of the episode both jealous of the foreign-exchange campers for “stealing” Max away as their friend.Later after the whole fiasco the pair are seen eating ice cream together after Neil had thrown Max in Campbell’s safe


[C]In “Nikki’s Last Day on Earth” He appears to be generally concerned about her well-being throughout the whole episode even going planning her will with her after believing he had accidentally killed her with one of his tonics. During Nikki’s “Death” being stopped by the Adults when she explains that she’s been bleeding profusely all day to prove that she’s dying, Gwen pieces together from the cramps, food cravings, and mood swings that she is simply having her period.Nikki and her friends are happy that she isn’t dying(Him pulling her in a side hug), and they all gather to watch a horror movie of Gwen’s choice.


In “The Lake Lilac Summer Social” the two are hardly together in this episode However when Tabii shamelessly flirts with Neil both him and Nikki are visibly uncomfortable(Max being the most amused out of the situation) so Nikki sprays her with the water bottle for the blonde to stop calling her “bad girl!” and “Down!” Like you would to a cat (to which Tabii hisses at in response)



[C]In “Something Fishy” both are scene together various times in the Episode Moments include with Gwen during the beginning of the Episode,both are together during David’s presentation and later,on the dining table that was for Gwen and Graggle,and both on the same side of Rowboat while David, Gwen, and Max were on the other.



In “The Candy Kingpin” he felt genuine concern for Nikki wanting to help her over her candy ‘addiction

[C]In “Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot” these two are equally seen together in this episode side-by-side exchanging dialogue only when Neil is to correct her.

[BCI]Nikki:”I wanna know what happen next!”

[BCI]Neil:”Nikki you were there!”

[C]In “City Survival” Both were seeing sitting together on the bus on the way to the city with Neil marveling over The phone signal.Also around Max’s Tour of the city the pair mostly side by side


[C]In “Camp Corp” Neil and Nikki are equally upset at Max after the circumstances from “City Survival” caused the camp to close and all the Campers would have to split up.When the two ask Max for what to do, Max asks them why they care, and Nikki and Neil admit that they were friends. Max says that their splitting up was inevitable, no matter the fate of the camp itself, and says that the three of them were only temporary friends at best. Nikki at first seems sad at this, but Neil immediately becomes angered, retorting that Max doesn’t need friends, and that Max was fine before they came and would be fine after they left. With that, Neil storms onto the bus. Max seeks sympathy from Nikki, but after Neil’s spiel, her sadness has given way to anger, and she simply tells him, “Bye, Max,” before also stomping onto the bus, while Max follows her to the doorway. That’s the last

you see of them for a huge quarter of the episode..turns out both of them got kicked out of their

specific camps for causing trouble, the Owners leave Neil and Nikki in the hands of Gwen, who takes them out of the building. At the entrance, they encounter Max, who tries to act like nothing happened(Little shi-). Neil says, “Look, it’s our temporary friend, Max,” and Nikki immediately follows his lead, still holding a grudge against Max for what he said two still equally upset about what that happened.


[C]After some harsh reality Max realizes his mistake and apologizes to Nikki and Neil, and confesses that they are in fact friends, and he only wanted Camp Campbell back to get his friends back as well. Neil and Nikki forgive him, and tell him that they will always be friends.


[BC] Season Four

[C]In “Keep the Change” Neil and Nikki were together with each other a lot in this episode...mostly just ask the question and justify/confirm the idea of Max actually changing During their time at Camp.


[C]In “Attack of the Nurfs” Nikki excitedly agrees to be Neil’s lab assistant(mostly to help her boredom with no mischief around the camp)


[C]In “Who Peed the Lake” The two are not together for most of this episode but both are seen together in the lake in the beginning of it.


[C]In “The Quarter-Moon Convergence” Nikki and Neil were seen together after being tangled by vines


[C]In “Follow the Leader” despite the fact they’re not the main focus of this episode they do have some part of it While Max is with Sasha, and Pikeman at Camp Campbell Neil is standing at the edge of a large hole that Nikki has dug. From below, she claims she’s dug through the center of the earth, but hasn’t found anything to do with China except for an old egg roll. She asks why he let her do this, and Neil says it’s a lesson she needed to learn on her own. She says that Max would’ve talked her out of something this stupid, then wonders where he is. Neil shrugs saying he hasn’t seen Max in days. After a pause, she asks if she should keep digging, and he says if she has to ask then she hasn’t learned yet.


[C]In “Camp Loser Says What?” While Camp Campbell is being taken over by the Woodscouts There’s a scene up when Daniel announces that it’s time for the Woodscouts’ reward since they’ve all done such great work today, and calls out to “bring in the sacrifice!” The three men Daniel had recruited arrive with Nikki, still caged, and she unenthusiastically asks if Daniel’s revealed his plan yet, to which Neil remarks they’re in the middle of it.


In “Squirrel Camp” When the Squirrels take over the Camp and Neil’s plan to bring his robot is in action

his small robot is wheeled towards the mess hall, stating that Neil is his only friend. Neil uneasily/nervously says he didn’t teach the robot to say that, and it says “I love you!” prompting Nikki to softly smile and respond with a long “aww!” with Neil blushing as a result.


[C]In “Cameron Campbell Can’t Handle The truth serum we see Neil having one of his more concerned moments for Nikki when she spots a venus flytrap plant in Campbell’s room and reaches out to touch it, but Neil quickly intercepts to tell her it’s dangerous and that she shouldn’t. She dismisses his claim but is then met with the plant pulling a gun on her in return.

[here’s the clip!|]

[C]There’s also moments like this





In “The Forest” the two standing together as Max defend himself for his ‘routine’ in front of the other

Campers and Counselors after an off-screen adventure(which I wanted to see so badly dammit-) with the Woodscouts.


[C]In “Campfire Tales” in David’s story the two are seen standing together as Nikki asks the “respected elders”(Gwen and David) what they can do, David simply tells them to clean their rooms. Nikki and Neil are enthralled by the prospect of self-improvement and vow to make good on their goal while skipping away merrily.


[C]In “Party Pooper” the episode kicks off with a view of the clouds, as Nikki and Neil then lean in over the camera, chattering heatedly. They are racing a red ant and a black ant, feverishly cheering their respective insect to victory while Max watches the finish line with extreme diligence.


[C]In “Panicked Room” both are seeing side-by-side incredibly along with the rest of the entirety of Camp Campbell is standing around in the dark outside the house, looking bored out of their minds, having presumably been waiting outside the mansion since the exit was unlocked hours ago - with the exception of David, who has his typical sunny grin plastered to his face.

In “The Butterfinger Effect” Nikki and Neil are both swapped with each other’s personalities Nikki donning a labcoat, declaring that she’s become a scientist (cranks up her blowtorch for added emphasis) and

Neil foaming at the mouth with his shirt ripped off screeching like a demented monkey becoming extremely chaotic

[C]In “Time Crapsules” both are seen frequently together in this Max goes to deal with Gwen and both equally scared about change and the future like the rest of the campers(also including Max)


In “St. Campbell’s Day - Holiday Special” Neil and Nikki are at very end of the Episode sitting together watching fireworks as a tree is lit ablaze. .

Nikki and Neil hitching a ride on Timothy (Scout's Dishonor)

Nikki and Neil hitching a ride on Timothy.


Like Nerris, she loves adventuring and acting out her fantasies, presumably because of the possible risks and exposure to danger and nature itself. So far, the two seem to be on good terms all throughout the series. In "New Adventure!" it is revealed that Nerris and Dolph are her other close friends besides Neil and Max. She claims that she feels that she can really let her down around him Nerris and tells them how she doesn't feel like Max is letting her reach her full potential. She and Dolph tell Nerris that they'd play a game of Dungeons and Dragons anytime for Nerris's sake. However her, Dolph, and Nerris get distracted by other stuff easily and it never allows them to accomplish their adventures. Nonetheless the three are really good friends and supposedly meet once a week.

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 10.08


Yeah I believe! Cut me in half! I'll be fine! I'll be fine? I'll be fine!

—Nikki to Harrison in "Mind Freakers"

Dont worry Nikki (Mind Freakers)

Nikki being amazed at Harrison's abilities.

Since Nikki has the tendency to be easily impressed by things of the super or unnatural, she clicks well with Harrison's personality. With his magic being able to easily impress her and with her easily being his number one fan. Unfortunately in "The Quarter-Moon Convergence" Nikki states that she'd moved on to more mature things like doing taxes for her stuffed animals, when Harrison tries to preform magic, before Max calls it childish.


Aww! Even Nurf is getting into the Christmas Spirit!

—Nikki to Neil and Max about Nurf in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever

Whatcha doin Nurf (A Camp Camp Christmas or Whatever)

Nikki and Nurf

Though they don't interact much, the two are also on good terms. They both share the same belief (that being Santa Claus' existence). The reason that she believes that Santa exists is because no one else would have the ability to deliver the presents on Christmas, whereas Nurf believes that he exists because no one else could have drunk up all the leftover Christmas beer.

Space Kid[]

Ask him about his albino!

—Nikki to Max about Space Kid in "Reigny Day"

Nikki is also easily annoyed by his obsession with space. This is prominently shown in "Space Camp was a Hoax" after he accidentally rips out one of her pigtails while playing with his toy spaceship. She then joins forces with Neil, dressing up as aliens awaiting Space Kid's arrival on Spooky Island, hoping to scare his obsession with space out of him. She then gets bored which causes her to simply kick him back to his makeshift spaceship. However in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" she cries out in concern for Space Kid when he is grabbed by a sick zombie Neil before being told by Max that he was the most expendable.


Man, Ered never gets yelled at for not working. She's just too cool!

—Nikki to Max and Neil about Ered in "Camp Cool Kidz"

She looks up to Ered as her cool role model. She was by Ered's side all throughout the events of "Camp Cool Kidz" and even betrayed Max because of this. In return, she only got a pair of "cool sunglasses." Ered later reveals that she was only using her because she needed Nikki on her side but Nikki still didn't believe this albeit Max warning her about it and the fact that she already admitted it herself. It was only after she gets into a brawl with Max, which resulted in her sunglasses breaking, where she realizes what she's put them through and proceeds to apologize to Max. In "Ered Gets Her Cool Back" Nikki and Max are the only ones who don't laugh at Ered when she falls. While the other campers dress up in what they consider cool, (Except Max, Nerris, and Ered) Nikki dresses up like her to be the coolest camper and to commemorate her legacy. When Ered passes the coolest title on to Nerris, and tells Nikki she liked her old attire better, Nikki nearly cries at Ered’s comment before she realized that Ered had noticed her, which made her instead cry tears of joy. In "Who Peed the Lake" Ered, along with most of the Camp Campbell campers, pee themselves, and Nikki lies to Max to keep Ered from being humiliated.

Preston Goodplay[]

At first, she was against the idea of playing a Juliet who had no adventurous roles in the script and who only had an interest in romance. She preferred to play as Xena or Rambo instead. As revealed in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," she is shown to love The Nativity Scene play, which excites Preston.


Plus, he really looks like Hitler.

—Nikki, telepathically, to David about Dolph in "Reigny Day"

Not much can be assumed about their relationship as they barely have any interaction in the series before Season 4, but she is aware that he was meant to resemble Hitler as she stated in "Reigny Day." However in "New Adventure!" her attitude towards Dolph changed, to him and Nerris being her other close friends besides Neil and Max. She claims that she feels that she can really let her down around him Nerris and tells them how she doesn't feel like Max is letting her reach her full potential. She offers to Dolph to uncover a mysterious door, and at one point affectionately called him Dolphy. Nikki comforts Dolph when he feels homesick. However her, Dolph, and Nerris get distracted by other stuff easily and it never allows them to accomplish their adventures. Nonetheless the three are really good friends and supposedly meet once a week.

Camp Campbell Staff[]


We can sing songs, play games and have so much FUN! Fun, fun, fun...

—Nikki to David about Christmas in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever

Like the rest of the campers, she disrespects his authority no matter how hard he tries to get their respect.When she first meets David, she bites his arm as a way to 'assert her dominance.'


You can't control me, White Devil!

—Nikki to Gwen in "The Order of the Sparrow"

Unlike Max, the two don't interact as much but both have enough interaction to prove that Nikki has about the same amount of respect for her as much as she has for David (which isn't a lot).

Other Camps[]

The Flower Scouts[]

I got run out by all those mean girls. It was kind of...traumatic for me?

—Nikki to Candy about the Flower Scouts in "Parents' Day"

Somebody help meee (Romeo and Juliet II Love Resurrected)

The Flower Scouts ambushing Nikki.

She lies to Neil about being run out at first and instead told him that she bailed because they were boring. Apparently, she was run out because of their personalities clashing, with hers being "unlady-like" and with the Flower Scouts being prissy and prim. After she started attending Camp Campbell, the Flower Scouts have always seen her as a nuisance and would not fail at trying to insult her in any way possible.



Don't let him pin ya, Mom! Take home the belt!

—Nikki to Candy after seeing her having sex with Carl in "Parents' Day"

Preston threw up a lot (Parents' Day)

Nikki telling her mom about her stay in Camp Campbell.

She has stated several times in the show that her parents are not in good terms, thus resulting in only her mother showing up during Parents' Day at the camp. Her mother doesn't seem to give much care and or attention towards her daughter and is only ever seen with her nose in her phone. While Nikki happily tours her around camp while telling her about her experiences she simply replies with "you know I can't keep up with your silly little adventures" which saddens her a bit.