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Season 1[]

"Escape from Camp Campbell"[]


"Scout's Dishonor"[]

"Camp Cool Kidz"[]

"Journey to Spooky Island"[]

"Reigny Day"[]

β€œ Back off! I only bully Neil Tuesdays, Thursdays, and non-denominational holidays. I understand he celebrates the Sabbath. ”

—Nurf, showing he's culturally sensitive

β€œ THAT'S NOT TRUE I'LL KILL YOU! Sorry, sorry. I'm working on that. ”

—Nurf, after Max accused him responsible for Neil's absence

"Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected"[]

"Into Town"[]

"David Gets Hard"[]

β€œ "everyone wants to fuck their own mom, get over it! ”

—-Nurf comparing david to freud

β€œ Whatever, dick-turd! ”

—Nurf, as he pushes David off the pier

β€œ Well, I guess it all started when I joined the ballet. ”

—Nurf, giving into David's therapy

"Mind Freakers"[]


"The Order of the Sparrow"[]

Season 2[]

"Cult Camp"[]

"Anti-Social Network"[]

"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak"[]

"Jermy Fartz"[]

"Jasper Dies at the End"[]

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"[]

"Bonjour Bonquisha"[]

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

"Eggs Benefits"[]

"Space Camp Was a Hoax"[]

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

"Parents' Day"[]



"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"[]

β€œ "bullying nerds is one thing, but bullying the earth? come on." ”

—-Nurf to the audience

Season 3[]

"The Fun-Raiser"[]

"Ered Gets Her Cool Back"[]

β€œ Look at her! She's suddenly terrified of her own mortality! Just like I was during my recent midlife crisis ”

—Nurf to Ered, about making that jump

"Foreign Exchange Campers"[]

β€œ Nothing to do with my repressed anger! ”

—Nurf, while being strangled by Vera

"Nikki's Last Day on Earth"[]

"Dial M For Jasper"[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

"Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"[]

β€œ "that new kid really fucking loves lanyards." ”

—Nurf as he notice Samboy Kidwell (cameron cambell) laughing

"Something Fishy"[]

"The Candy Kingpin"[]

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

β€œ As a bully, I like to think I dabble in psychological warfare. And in my professional assessment: you guys are totally fucked-up weirdos. ”

—Nurf to the Wood Scouts after their apparent killing of the Platypus

"City Survival"[]

"Camp Corp."[]


"Arrival of the Torso Takers"[]

"Culture Day"[]

Season 4[]

"Keep the Change"[]

"Attack of the Nurfs"[]

β€œ "Oh, cry me a fucking river!" ”

—-Nurf 2 grumpily at nurf 1

"Who Peed the Lake"[]

"New Adventure!"[]

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence"[]

"Follow the Leader"[]

"Preston Goodplay's Good Play"[]

"After Hours"[]

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]


About Nurf[]

β€œ The hell kind of a bully are you?! ”

—Samboy Kidwell about Nurf, "Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"