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"Outro Outro" is the ending theme of "Parents' Day," the twelfth episode and season finale of season two of Camp Camp. It is written and performed by Richie Branson, and is played during the ending credits.


These lyrics might be incorrect, feel free to contribute if you spot a mistake.
One backstab could put me on my ass
So I, will scout for snakes in my grass
They– like to ask "how you flow like that?"
"How you face every obstacle and blow right past?"
They say I'm livin' fast, I'm just pushin' to the max
That's why my eyes green 'cuz I'm pushin' to the the cash
Sometimes I gotta chill and take my foot up off the gas
And let my family support just like a cushion in my back.
Gotta spend more time with my bloodline
'Cause nobody loves family like I love mine
That's why I put a million thoughts into one rhyme
Hoping for the time when my mom will see her son shine
You can't eclipse that, tell these haters "get back"
Smoke it 'till I lose my stash like a lip whack
Every time I hit can, comin' with them hit tracks
All I need is one break, you can keep the Kit Kat
Team team like the motherfucking dream team
Back in '92 dominating every TV
Even when I'm dead I'll be flowin' through a ouija
Rockin' every séance, selling outta CDs
Thinking with the flow- couldn't keep it clean
But that's to be expected when you tryna feed the dream
I ain't ever spit about a fiend or a triple B
Used a couple bitcoins and and trick of Tripoline
I am not a gangsta, I am not a thug
Never owned a gun and I never sold a drug
All I do is watch anime and smoke blunts
Every time I check my street credit it's a dud
I can't believe the summer's comin' to an end
I made so many friends, I just wanna see 'em win
We ain't got the same mother or the same color skin
But I'mma treat 'em like my twin, 'cuz we family 'till the end
*Funky Instrumental*