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Patrick Rodriguez was a Production Artist, voice actor, and Art Director of Rooster Teeth Animation. He was the art director of Camp Camp and voice of Agent #2, as well as a concept artist for RWBY. He was also the art director for X-Rat and Vav while also providing the voice of the Mayor, and has also provided art and minor voicework for Red vs. Blue, Sex Swing and RWBY Chibi.


  • In the Camp Camp Teaser Trailer, there's a shelf in Space Kid's cabinet labeled "Pat" that has a carving of a rooster and a pair of dentures, resembling the Rooster Teeth logo.
  • Patrick is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas.
  • He is the host of the RT FIRST Member-exclusive show called Quick Draw, a series where he interviews various Rooster Teeth staff members whilst illustrating their exploits.
  • He was a fan of Rooster Teeth before getting hired.
  • Prior to joining RT, Patrick contributed art to some of the reviewers in "Channel Awesome", including The Nostalgia Critic and Brad Jones.
  • Unfortunately, he was laid off from the company in December 2019.