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Now you girls are gonna sell Skinny Minties, Lemon Lillies and Coconut Cream Candy Tuffs until every last loser in Sleepy Peak has diabetes!

—"Cookin' Cookies"

Penelope Priss is the Garden Mother (i.e. leader) of Flower Scout Troop #789. She made her debut in the episode "Cookin' Cookies".


Miss Priss has fair skin, wide hips, and long legs. She has big poofy hair that ends in a curl at the top of her head that's supported by a headband. She wears a heavy layer of makeup and nail polish over her long nails. She wears the traditional Flower Scout uniform along with a sash with her badges on it along with a plaid skirt and magenta heels and black earrings.


Miss Priss is shown to be arrogant, selfish and very preoccupied with her own appearance. It seems her only wish is to succeed by showing up the other Garden Mothers and would "rather die" before looking bad in front of them.

She gives her campers the bare minimum of attention and would rather be out smoking or drinking in a nearby bar. She is also severely alcoholic, as mentioned in both "Cookin' Cookies" and "Panicked Room", though according to her she can "stop any time I want to." She also partakes in the recreational drug known as Desoxyn (which is "basically meth", according to the label) according to the episode "Cookin' Cookies". In the same episode, she drunkenly stumbles off while loudly declaring she's going over to Muffin Tops, suggesting she frequents strip clubs often.

In the episode "Fashion Victims", she is suckered into a crazy fad diet by one of her campers (who happens to be a social media influencer) in order to help lose weight. Despite said diet being thoroughly restrictive, such as being allowed to sniff an empty cookie box as her "lunch", she religiously follows the diet until her hunger gets the better of her, and she ravenously consumes everything in sight.

She is also fairly vain, as she was extremely offended when Campbell suggested she "suck it in" to escape through a ventilation shaft, thus implying she's overweight, and did not like it when he told her she had a "permanently surprised face", implying she's had Botox injections.

The episode "Panicked Room" reveals that she is fairly intelligent as well. She mentions having a bachelor's degree, but is interrupted by Cameron Campbell before revealing its subject. She also understands the alphanumeric puzzle that he did not (each number corresponding with the first letter of the photographed animals' names), but didn't enter the incorrect code as the animals needed to be identified by their scientific classification rather than layman's terms. In the end, she was the one to realize the final solution to unlocking the escape room door. She also appears to be fond of puns.


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  • She appears to enjoy Bloody Marys (with Desoxyn), as she is seen drinking out of a can of tomato juice after she pours in a bottle of vodka and a sprinkle of Desoxyn mixed together with the juice.
  • In "New Adventure!", the unusual combination of Miss Priss and Lester are shown to be working together. Miss Priss can be seen lifting a large rolled-up carpet, with obvious legs and men's shoes sticking out of the bottom, into the back of a van and slamming the door, with Lester driving the van like a getaway car. It is unknown how the pair know each other, who their victim is, and why they were working together to kidnap him.
  • In "Fashion Victims" she implies that her favorite food is macaroni and cheese after telling Preston if you concentrate you can pretend water tastes like your favorite food.
  • In the episode "Panicked Room", Miss Priss states that she's been raiding the wine cabinet for the past 7 years, so this confirms she has been working as a Flower Scout troop leader for at least that length of time. Whether or not it's been more than that, and that she only turned to heavy drinking on the job fairly recently, is unknown.
    • In the same episode, she is revealed to have some bisexual tendencies, as she has had flings with several men and a girl she met at a concert.
    • It also reveals that Miss Priss can speak Kodiak (the language of bears, apparently).
  • Also during "Panicked Room", it is revealed that she was in a serious relationship with Cameron Campbell, but he broke it off with her 17 years ago due to fear of commitment. Their relationship is passionately rekindled by the end of the episode. Later on in "With Friends Like These" it revealed two went on a cruise to Cabo, Mexico - however, it is unconfirmed whether they are still together, as she has not appeared in any photos with him that were published regarding his acquisition of a social media app during the trip.


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