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Stephen van Petrol, better known as Petrol, is a Wood Scout from Troop #818. He makes his debut alongside the rest of the Wood Scout trio in the episode "Scout's Dishonor."


Petrol can be described as the stoic and silent type of the group. He is shown to be aggressive, a common trait that he and his fellow Wood Scouts share. He is always shown to bear a serious expression on his face.


Petrol stands at a bulkier and taller build as compared to the other two. He also has slightly darker skin along with a bald head and freckles on both sides of his cheeks. He always wears a somewhat menacing look on his face. He is the most muscular of the three, often used as a human shield. He wears the standard Wood Scout uniform with four Wood Scout badges.


  • Petrol's full name was revealed by Pikeman in the episode "Camporee" after he fails the Flower Scouts' first round by falling into their pool of acid.
  • Petrol might be a parody of Vin Diesel, being a bald, muscular man with a fuel-inspired name. He even appears inside a tuned car similar to those from The Fast and the Furious in the episode "Gwen Gets a Job."
  • Petrol is shown to have a talent in the harmonica, as shown in the episode, “Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot”


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