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Season 1[]


"Scout's Dishonor"[]

"Camp Cool Kidz"[]

"Journey to Spooky Island"[]

"Reigny Day"[]

"Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected"[]

β€œ WIZARD! You're about to get your cue. I will not have you ruffians RUIN MY BIG DEBUT! ”

—Preston yelling at Max.

β€œ That's the end of Act I. Intermission time. GO GET SOME SNACKS! ”


β€œ Thanks for your contribution. An inanimate object stuffed with HAY could have acted better!

Platypus, you're doing great! Stole the scene! Keep it up!


—Preston criticizing Max's performance and praising the platypus.

β€œ I don't know who this BITCH is, but she is KILLING IT! AH! ”

—Preston, as Tabii nails her role as Juliet

β€œ The theater! The cruelest mistress of all! Like the mistakes of so many teenage girls, has been aborted. ”

—Preston, after the FBI arrived and after his play was ruined

"Into Town"[]

"David Gets Hard"[]

"Mind Freakers"[]


—Preston when Neil tries to recreate Harrison's trick.


"The Order of the Sparrow"[]

β€œ I know! I really did some good today! So for my prize I was thinking of a Broadway deal. ”

—Preston after "cleaning" the forest by paving it.

Season 2[]

"Cult Camp"[]

"Anti-Social Network"[]

β€œ Yes Neil! Loving the passion but feeling a little too on the nose. I need you to sell it to me without saying it to me. Lets do it again, but maybe try to bury your motivations in a...bit...more...subtext. ”

—Preston on Neil's maniacal laughter after coming up with the chat bot idea., Before he was strangled.

"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak"[]

"Jermy Fartz"[]

β€œ Hooo boy, that is really-

acceptable under these conditions! So I will work with it!


—Preston about to insult David's theme of the forest before being stopped by Petrol.

"Jasper Dies at the End"[]

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"[]

"Bonjour Bonquisha"[]

β€œ Quick!! Cue the rain! EVERYTHING'S sexier in the rain ”

—Preston when the campers attempt to get Bonquisha back with David

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

β€œ How am I supposed to make EDGY ART without an authority figure to rebel against!? ”

—Preston when Neil and Nikki tell the campers that Gwen's leaving

"Eggs Benefits"[]

β€œ Oh nothing just tripped and fell into a doorknob a couple times. It was my fault really. Anyway I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar please. ”

—Preston when questioned about his black eye., Then holding up a sign that says "HELP ME"

"Space Camp Was a Hoax"[]

β€œ YES!! Improvisational theater! An entire play with where the lead has no script! GROUNDBREAKING! ”

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

"Parents' Day"[]


—Preston yelling at Gram Gram asking if she liked his "one man, one act, one word play", Also revealing that the reason Preston yells a lot may be due to his grandmother's impaired hearing




—Referring to sick Neil

β€œ Fab-u-lous! This is the kind of house I'll live in after my 'Hamilton, But With Jazz' musical wins all those Tony's ”

—Preston on Cameron Campbell's summer house bedroom

β€œ Finally! Preston will be the hero for once! And they'll make a Lifetime movie network biopic about me! "The Boy who Cured": The Preston Goodplay story! ”

—Preston after finding the medicine cabinet.

"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"[]

β€œ Well friends, as the children of divorced parents often say. β€œTWO CHRISTMASES!” ”

—Preston after finding out they will celebrate Christmas in Camp Campball

Season 3[]

"The Fun-Raiser"[]

"Ered Gets Her Cool Back"[]

β€œ He's right. It's a power vacuum of cool! Just like in Julius Caesar, and in this version I will play the role of Cassius. Everything works out great for him. ”

—Preston when Max states that since Ered is no longer "cool" than anybody at Camp Campbell can be the coolest.

β€œ Its time for someone else to have their turn in the spotlight! And nothing's cooler than DRAMA! And sometimes Stockholm Syndrome. ”

—Preston attempting to be the coolest camper

"Foreign Exchange Campers"[]

β€œ Good job Harrison! This tree DOES make me happy! ”

—Preston to Harrison after he finds the first item on the scavenger hunt list which is "a tree that makes you happy"

"Nikki's Last Day on Earth"[]

β€œ Shall you not even rejoice for my sake Maximilian! ”

—Preston as Nikki to Nerris portraying Max after she portrays Max as uncaring to Nikki's feelings in one of his plays

"Dial M For Jasper"[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

"Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"[]

β€œ Sounds like SOMEONE is interested in attending my improv seminar. ”

—Preston when Campbell asks if there's a camp where people say thing that are false but pretend that they're real.

β€œ STOP! You fools are breaking the fundamental rules of improv! Instead of saying, "No, but..." try saying, "Yes, and...". ”

—Preston when Harrison shuts down Nerris' idea of "wizard dogs".

"Something Fishy"[]

"The Candy Kingpin"[]

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

β€œ Petrol is the perfect narrator! He says so much, with so little! ”

—Preston at the end of his flashback.

"City Survival"[]

"Camp Corp."[]

Season 4[]

"Keep the Change"[]

β€œ I'm too talented to die! ”

—Preston to Cameron Campbell when he hesitates to give $50 to a fake robber.

"Attack of the Nurfs"[]

"Who Peed the Lake"[]

β€œ I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL WENT ON AT BREAKFEAST!! I spent most of this morning putting on this fantastic bathing suit. It's a BITCH TO PUT ON!! But perfection takes time. ”

—Preston when being interrogated by Max about who peed in the lake.

"New Adventure!"[]

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence"[]

β€œ I am getting a very strong sense of deja vu right now. ”

—Preston when he and the campers when they get lost losing a meteorite.

"Follow the Leader"[]

"Preston Goodplay's Good Play"[]

β€œ Oh hey everyone look at me, I'm a big dumb wacky counselor and I'm juggling and WHOOP, there go my balls! ”

—Preston's first performance as Wacky Camp Counselor.

"After Hours"[]

β€œ Well at least the TV Guide Channel lets you imagine all and shows YOU COULD BE WATCHING!!! ”

—Preston to Team Weather Channel

β€œ Mr. Campbell, what about the bear I heard? It could still be out there. ”

—A paranoid Preston to Cameron Campbell.

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]

β€œ Please you have to save us! You don't know what they're like, okay? Liars and fiends!! ”

—Preston behind Petrol's back to a pair of strangers begging safety from the Woodscouts.

"Squirrel Camp"[]

β€œ As if! I doubt a wild animal could have fashion sense just as bad as yours! ”

—Preston when Neil informs the others that a squirrel looked like him.

β€œ Yes! I'm getting just the right soupΓ§on of squirrelosity. It's all very avant-garde. Remember to walk with animal confidence and you'll do just fine. ”

—Preston applying a squirrel costume on Space Kid so he can infiltrate the camp which was annexed by squirrels.

"Cameron Campbell Can't Handle the Truth Serum"[]

"The Forest"[]

"Campfire Tales"[]

"Fashion Victims"[]

β€œ Ainsley's my second favorite influencer on Photoglam. My favorite only posts videos of babies laughing at animals. NOW BE QUIET! SHE'S REVEALING HER WISDOM! ”

—Preston to Tabii when she asks if he forgot where he went to camp due to him attending the Flower Scouts fundraiser meeting.

β€œ Brilliance! ”

—Preston during Ainsley's presentation.

β€œ Ahem, while we wait I've prepared an exclusive selection from my new masterwork. Forest Gump II: Too Much Shrimp! ”

"Party Pooper"[]

β€œ Let your father tell his tales! ”

—An irate Preston to Gwen.

"Panicked Room"[]

"The Butterfinger Effect"[]


"St. Campbell's Day"[]

β€œ Take a shower, you heathen. ”

—A bitter Preston to David who ruined St. Campbell's Day.

About Preston[]

β€œ Don't make this lame, Preston. ”

—Max to Preston after he mentions "Les Mis", "Camp Cool Kidz"