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โ€œ We love you Daniel โ€

—The brainwashed kids to Daniel


The Kids under the effect of the Purification Sauna during "Better Than You"

The Purification Sauna, is a sauna built by Daniel to enforce his cult ideologies. Despite it being a sauna it is reminiscent of a gas chamber, pointed out by Neil who was disturbed by the implications of Dolph (who's modeled after Hitler) putting him in a gas chamber, since he's Jewish. According to Dolph the sauna uses high pressured steam, and subliminal messaging to deconstruct psyche, and to rebuild those who are exposed into a form which will please the Ancient ones.



The sauna's steam heavily alters the campers psychically and mentally in what is known to Daniel as an "ascension form". When exposed the color palette of the victim's clothes is replaced with a white and gray colored version. In "ascension form" the pupil of one's eyes expand making it larger than the iris. This seemingly looks to be mydriasis. The Purification sauna seemingly gets rid of hair streaks, since when in her "ascension form"  Ered's blush colored highlight is gone.

The mental effects of the sauna is that the victim is brainwashed to be unquestionably loyal and doggedly to Daniel as the kids say to Daniel that they love him when brainwashed. They also seem to be always smiling but there voices are emotionless and monotone. This newly installed puppet-like behavior is used by Daniel to try to get the campers to join his cult without hesitation so they can poison themselves with Kool-Aid too ascend to their final form. The campers didn't get the chance to drink it as Daniel was too busy singing "Better Than You" which the campers participated in.

Ultimately, the sauna's effect was temporary, as the kids return to normal after Daniel's defeat.


  • The effects of the sauna are temporary, which could've been an oversight by Daniel, as he assumed his plan would successfully go through like it apparently had before.
  • Despite his helmet being bullet proof, and immune to sickness, Space Kid was brainwashed by the sauna.
    • However, Daniel could've forcefully removed his helmet off-screen.