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Two down, one to go. Imma win that tontine, tell ya what.

—Quartermaster, "Quartermaster Appreciation Day"

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The Quartermaster is the groundskeeper of Camp Campbell. He has been working there ever since David was a camper attending Camp Campbell himself. He is a mysterious old man who helps around with cooking the camp meals, preparing the necessary props for camp activities and drinks poisonous beverages as if it's water.


He has a thick gray mustache and hair, bushy dark gray eyebrows, and wears a tan and white hat, a dark olive green and brown jacket over a red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown knee high boots. The most striking part of his appearance is his hooked hand. One of his eyes is always closed.


The Quartermaster is a bit of a mystery. He typically remains quiet, which sharply contrasts counselor David's upbeat demeanor. There seems to be no clear explanation as to why he actually works at the camp (since he mostly keeps to himself, and doesn't seem to particularly enjoy being around the kids). As demonstrated in the second episode, he has no qualms about killing animals, even if campers are present. In episode 5, he is revealed to be a "covert pervert". He warned Max and other campers of the dangers of going to Spooky Island with the intention of hiding the fact that he was having a private sex party there. He also appears to believe in superstition and prophecies, such as a prophecy concerning the gathering of dark magical spirits in the nearby volcano.


  • In "Escape from Camp Campbell", he drinks a bottle of poison as if it was water during his break.
  • In "Journey to Spooky Island", The Quartermaster had a (censored) dildo attached to where his hook usually is.
    • He has a nipple piercing as revealed in the same episode.
      • In "The Fun-Raiser" he is seen to have two nipple piercings by then.
  • When asked about how he lost his hand, he murmurs under his breath that it was because of the Jews. Though he did not explicitly state how they did it, but this does imply that he's an ex-Nazi.
  • He took the throne from the Squirrel King and has declared himself the new ruler.
  • In the episode "Cult Camp", he states that the Kool-Aid intended to kill the entire camp was "better in Jonestown." Referring to the 1978 Jonestown murder-suicide, which killed over 900 people. Jonestown, also known as the "People's Temple Agricultural Project", was a settlement of the People's Temple in Guyana, famous for the aforementioned mass suicide. His statement implies that the Quartermaster somehow survived the poisoning (probably due to some sort of dark magic), and returned to the United States before any investigation began.
  • After burning down the mess hall in "Quartermaster Appreciation Day", his hook changes sides from his right hand to his left, and it remains on his left hand for the remainder of the series. His hook is still shown on his right hand in flashback scenes that take place before the events of "Quartermaster Appreciation Day", thereby confirming this to not be an animation error.
  • In the episode "Quartermaster Appreciation Day", his cabin is revealed to have a variety of questionable objects.
    • He apparently likes being suspended upside down from the ceiling fan, or at the very least, being abused by the children and or being tied up in the weirdest ways. As revealed in the same episode.
    • And that if he were ever to betray everyone at the camp, he'd go for David first.
    • The Quartermaster (and in extension, his sister) is by far the oldest character in series, having been in the position when David attended Camp Campbell when he was younger.
      • In "Something Fishy", he reveals that he has survived three world wars, which further hints at his immortality.
    • He and the Quartersister can be heard squabbling in the intro on the same episode.
    • Quartermaster is another character, aside from David, who is shown to be exceptionally good at playing the guitar as shown at the end of "The Order of the Sparrow."
    • It is revealed that he and his sister both have all the possible STDs in existence and that there are no new ones for them to get.
    • It is also revealed that he and his sister come from a long line of inbred children.
    • The Quartermaster and the rest of his family members appear to take part in a tontine. And as of this episode, he has already killed off two of his family members, which includes Quartersister.
  • It is revealed in "Space Camp Was a Hoax" that his specialty is making mashed potatoes for the camp and would even go as far as to shed a tear if he ever witnesses any negative review on them.
  • Shannon McCormick, The Quartermaster's voice actor, also voices Professor Ozpin from RWBY. Both characters appear to be the intellectual immortal of their respective shows with a somewhat dark past. Both characters have their fair share of wisdom on a wide variety of topics and both have seemed to have served the protagonists of the show and at some point, shown a quite dark side as well. Such as when the Quartermaster revealed that he would gladly betray the camp and its staff when the opportunity arises in the episode "Quartermaster Appreciation Day" and when Professor Ozpin revealed to Ruby Rose that he has done more wrong than any living thing that exists in the episode "The Badge and The Burden, Pt. 2."
  • Shannon McCormick has listed Quartermaster as one of his favorite characters to perform, and in an interview revealed that during Camp Camp recording sessions he will remain on the voice even when not recording.


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