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The Quartermaster's Store is a location in Camp Campbell. It is where the Quartermaster resides and keeps his collections of suspicious and concerning items. Some of which include a box of "used dolls," and labeled bags of hair (including Nikki's.)

When the campers sneak into the Quartermaster Store during "Quartermaster Appreciation Day," one can note the wide array of humorous and strange labeled containers lurking in the background as the campers make their way through the building.


  • In "Cult Camp," Gwen reveals that she found a stash of cash that Cameron Campbell had hidden in the Quartermaster's Store at some point. This would imply that there could be many more suspicious items he has hidden here as well.
  • In "Quartermaster Appreciation Day," the store is revealed to have the following items stored inside:
    • A box full of "used" Barbie Dolls
    • A box of fingernails
    • A box of real nails
    • Ziplock bags filled with hair labeled "just hair" and of Nikki's tuft of hair labeled "The Green One"
    • A puzzle piece set that consists only of corner pieces
    • Paint cans filled with vegetarian meat
    • A trash can filled with sawdust labeled "Dusts"
    • And a small satanic box that Space Kid finds that made him speak gibberish when he opened the box