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They named one after me!

—"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"

  • Overview
  • Quartersister, as her name implies, is the Quartermaster's sister and, according to David, the only living relative of his "that the government knows about."


    The Quartersister bears a striking resemblance to the Quartermaster, aside for a few exceptions. She has thick gray hair and wears a pink and white hat, a light olive green and light brown jacket over a light pink flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown knee high boots. She also has a hooked hand and also keeps one of her eyes closed at all times.

    In fact, her appearance to her brother is so similar that Gwen didn't even realize she was a woman until reading off the results of a massive collection of medical tests.


    The Quartersister, like her brother, has mysterious origins. She and Quartermaster seem to have bad blood, as the two immediately started a shouting match over simply seeing one another for the first time in a while. It seems as though she isn't fond of children, as she makes a statement at the end of the squabble that he shouldn't be working with kids. She stubbornly refuses to speak to him directly, and is prideful about having an STD named after her.

    She falls in love hard and fast, as the moment Quartermaster makes it known that he finds her attractive, she falls head-over-heels. She is very openly affectionate with him, even to the point of licking away his appreciative tear over the campers' appreciation day gifts.


    • According to the the Quartermaster, they're related because two of their cousins had sex.
    • It is revealed in the episode "Quartermaster Appreciation Day" that there was an an STD named after her.
      • A callback to this was in the episode "Parents' Day" when Candy passes it onto Carl after they had sex onstage.
    • She and her brother are both shown to have all the possible STDs in existence and that there were no new ones for them to get.
    • She disappears into a vortex, at the end of "Quartermaster Appreciation Day", and Quartermaster cannot confirm nor deny whether she is dead.
    • She and the Quartermaster can be heard squabbling in the intro on the same episode.
    • Quartersister along with her family members seem to take part in a tontine. With her being the second family member that The Quartermaster has killed off as of the episode "Quartermaster Appreciation Day".
    • Quartersister was briefly married (albeit unofficially) to her own brother in the episode "Quartermaster Appreciation Day".