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Anyone else want a twenty-sided ass kicking?


"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak" is the 3rd episode of the second season of Camp Camp and is the 15th episode overall. It aired June 23rd, 2017 on the RT FIRST site, and June 30th, 2017 on both the Rooster Teeth Website and YouTube.

Official Synopsis[]

Nerris and Harrison pursue a date with destiny atop an active volcano. Which magic kid will save the day and vanquish the dark forces?

—Episode description


Max, Nikki and Neil interrupt Nerris' game of Pixies & Pythons to ask for a pair of dice, a requirement to play their underground craps ring. Harrison comes up and offers his own dice, and a series of rhyming items between his magical hand-waving. A sudden earth-shaking rumble erupts, with Harrison fearing that his anger has manifested into a natural disaster, but Gwen quickly explains that the tremors are from a dormant volcano named Sleepy Peak Peak (which used to be called Wide Awake Peak in its active phase) now becoming active. Appearing from out of nowhere, Quartermaster imparts the tale of a prophecy where "one with a magical spirit will quell the evil sleeping within the volcano after they finish the quest of destiny." Nerris is excited about the quest, and Harrison muses he could be the magical spirit, to which Nerris counters that it's her. Nikki and Neil decide to tag along, and now that Max has finally obtained his dice he decides to sit this one out and go back to his intended gambling ring.

Out in the wilderness, the group comes across a dark section of forestry, and Nerris attempts to sense magic by rolling her die. A small group of squirrels arrive, led by one that's wearing an eyepatch, and Nerris continues to worry. Nikki "speaks" to the squirrels, who of course don't understand, and they pounce on the campers to attack. Neil trips and falls as they attempt to get away, and Nerris saves him by calling a Magic Missile attack (ie: throwing a bunch of dice at them) and coldly asking if anyone else wants an ass-kicking. Harrison points out that it was a dick move, but they beat a hasty retreat before the angry vermin decide to return. Some time later, the group encounters a cave entrance into the side of the volcano, which Harrison doesn't want to enter because it's dark and unsafe. Still they press on, with Neil a tad uncomfortable by the hordes of dead canaries along the ground, before reaching a small elevator at the end of the cavernous hall. Suddenly, the ceiling begins to collapse, starting at the entrance and barreling towards them. Neil's attempts to start the elevator fail, and Nerris wails that she's out of spell slots for her levitation spell. Harrison channels his energy and yells "LEVITATE!" while slamming the button, which somehow successfully activates the elevator. Nerris grumbles over his victory as they are lifted to safety.

Now at the mouth of the volcano and staring directly into the boiling magma, Neil cravenly states they should just head back to camp now. Of course, both Nerris and Harrison are determined to quell the dark spirits with their magic and prove their superiority to each other. Nerris clasps her hands together and begins speaking giberish, as thundering clouds gather above her. She then calls out "DARK FORCES BEGONE!" and Neil immediately realizes he can't see anymore, which she concludes is due to her spell of kindness backfiring into a spell of blindness. Harrison makes his attempt by placing a small handkerchief upon the ground and making that small square of dirt magically disappear, believing he can eventually make the whole volcano vanish with enough time and effort. Lava geysers begin shooting up as the volcano begins rumbling quite violently, and the pair begin pointing fingers and saying the other sucks. Nerris concludes that the only way to prove which of them is superior is to have a magical duel, right at the mouth of the volcano, and Neil's pleas for taking care of the impending natural disaster fall of deaf ears. Enthralled, Nikki asks Neil if he's seeing this, and he stumbles around shouting that he'll hit her for that remark. The pair square off at opposite ends, and Harrison shoots red lightning while Nerris fires a blue beam of energy. Nikki notices that the eyepatch-wearing squirrel from earlier has appeared beside her, and it jumps on her face to attack. Blindsided, she tumbles into the magma pit, but manages to save herself by catching a ledge with her hand as the squirrel is pulled under. She calls out for help, and Harrison realizes that the "dark forces" Quartermaster had mentioned earlier were within them this whole time, and that they ought to work together to save the day.

They disengage from the fight and rush over to help Nikki, reaching down to her as she flails around to try and grab onto them. The small ledge under her other hand breaks, and Nikki falls dramatically into the magma, which is only mildly disappointing to Nerris and Harrison. While writing in the burning ooze, Max casually walks right up to her and asks what the hell everyone's doing. The scene suddenly reverts to the group back at Camp Campbell, with Nikki "drowning" in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with pudding and Neil stumbling around wearing a blindfold. The eyepatch squirrel leaps out of the goo and rushes off into the forest, and Max irritably tells them to keep it down because he's trying to win all of Nurf's bullying money. David arrives with Quartermaster, scolding the campers for using tomorrow's intended pudding for their playtime, and Nerris apologizes for getting carried away with their quest. Sleepy Peak Peak rumbles violently once more, and Quartermaster seems genuinely shocked that they didn't restore balance to the dark forces as he had instructed. The campers are a bit stunned, and Neil plainly states that they didn't take his word seriously since they're just kids, after all. The volcano then promptly erupts, shooting a powerful geyser of lava into the air. With a careless shrug, Quartermaster simply says "hmph, end times" and stalks off.


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]




  • Nerris has several stuffed animals: a giraffe, bear, dolphin, bunny, corgi, and frog named Mr. Waffles.
  • Sleepy Peak Peak was apparently named Wide Awake Peak during its active phase.
  • Gwen is revealed to have an Associates' Degree after she reveals her knowledge of Sleepy Peak Peak.
  • Quartermaster is shown to believe that there is a prophecy wherein the evil within the said volcano shall be quelled by the one with the magical spirit after finishing the quest of magical destiny.
  • According to the "Camp Camp Waffle Watch-Along" live stream for the season 4 finale, the creative team asks itself at the beginning of every season if they're ready to do anything "with that squirrel thing", as the Eyepatch Squirrel had gotten a couple of cameos here and there. Jordan Cwierz mentions that this episode was originally meant to be more squirrel-centric but the focus got shifted over to the campers. Since they had quite a few episodes in season 4, they decided to finally settle that story in "Squirrel Camp".
  • It is revealed that Max earns Nurf's bullying money through his underground craps ring.
  • This episode, according to the writer's commentary, was originally written as a bonus episode for Season 1, but was shelved because it became apparent that it was too ambitious to accomplish in the time they had left.

Cultural References[]


  • The board game that Nerris was playing, "Pixies & Pythons", can be seen being sold in The General Store in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever".
  • Gwen having a Liberal Arts degree is mentioned again, the first time being in "Escape from Camp Campbell" and later again in "Gwen Gets a Job."
  • In "Squirrel Camp" it is shown that the squirrels are actually aggressive towards the humans and won't hesitate to attack. Also in "The Quarter-Moon Convergence" Nerris tells Neil that the forest is treacherous and full of squirrels, visibly nervous. With this evidence it's likely that the campers went back, traumatized after the squirrel attack, then realized that Quartermaster was probably just telling a story and decided to act out their quest after.
  • The Eyepatch Squirrel has another appearance here; having been shown in "Mascot", "Journey to Spooky Island", and "Squirrel Camp" (his first major role), and is also finally given the chance to execute his revenge plan that he promised would happen in "Mascot".
  • Nerris uses Magic Missile again in "Camp Loser Says What?" against Snake, though that time she was unsuccessful. And in both episodes, she threw dice to launch the attack.
  • The fight between Nerris and Harrison that happens during this episode is re-enacted by their squirrely counterparts in the episode "Squirrel Camp".


  • Despite popular belief, getting to a doorway during an earthquake (as Neil instructed) is actually a very bad idea. The best thing to do indoors is to get under a table (if possible) to shield yourself.
  • Quartermaster erroneously calls Sleepy Peak Peak a mountain (twice) despite it being a volcano.
  • When Nikki trips into the volcano, she fell into the pit with her whole body. But on the next scene, it was only her lower body that already melted into the magma with her upper body being unharmed.


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