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What do you mean we're "losing business"?! We're the God damn Mexican drug cartels. Who are we losing business to?!

— Rafael Guzman, "Cookin' Cookies"

Rafael Guzman is the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. He is said to be one of the richest people in Mexico due to his business.


Sr. Guzman has high cheekbones and black hair. His hair has streaks of white and is tied into a ponytail. He wears a black tux with blue sleeve cuffs, a matching blue collared shirt underneath, and is seen to sport a handful of gold jewelry. He also has black eyes, black eyebrows, and a beard.


He is shown at first to be aggressive, but he lets his guard down once he sees that his rivals are young girls. He's intimidated by Tabii's eyepatch, and hastily surrenders to them after they kill two of his bodyguards and hold him at gunpoint.


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  • The voice for Guzman is based off another Eddy Rivas character, Cortez, from the machinima series, The Leet World.
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