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"Rain Rain" is the ending theme of "Reigny Day," the sixth episode of season one of Camp Camp. It is played during the ending sequence and is composed and performed by Richie Branson and Solar Slim.


These lyrics are incomplete.

[Hook, Richie Branson]

Rain rain go away
Get the fuck up out my way
Rain rain go away
Get the fuck up out my way

[Richie Branson rapping]

Mother nature turn villain
Got that rain invading my ceiling
Everybody's stuck inside with a couple guys
And they concentratin' on killin'
Don't give a fuck what they talkin' bout
Shit was tough, I had a lot of doubts
Got to live it up, so I'm bailing out
I had to give the bucks like Milwaukee now
I got caught by the paparazzi
Tryin' to drop a Nazi with a kamikaze
He was talkin' sloppy like Pavarotti
Just popped a molly with a shot of sake.
I'm sky high while they ground surface.
Flippin' money like the town circus.
Haters thinkin' that they found purpose, but
Actually they just brown shirtin'.
Woah woah I think I lost my concentration
Campin' out in lonely places
Coming face to face with Satan.
Look, I seen a lot of places
And some crazy situations,
But I'm really not trying to fuck with this precipitation.

[Solar Slim rapping]

Rain rain why you comin' down?
I'm way better when you not around
I was tryin to lounge
Somebody blow the whistle please
'Cause you out of bounds.
Like a dirt road
On my ass like ???
With the work load
I was looking for a great fast
Moving slow like syrup poured
Over pancakes
Told my mommy that I can't wait
To go and be a part of Camp Camp
And walk right into a mandate
Y'know how much it is I can't take
Don't need no hugs
Or no handshakes
I just need a different landscape
There's no cheese in this rat race
Pay the cops
This shit feeling l like the Holocaust.
I can see you don't know how to boss
You was moving(?) like Adolf.
I'd rather be at Bernie Madoff.
Everything I do is for the payoff.
She going south like ???.
Can't let the rain get me down though
Tryin' to count this money through the chaos.