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As long as I'm cute and beautiful, people should just give me what I want!

— "Cookin' Cookies"

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  • Sasha is the de facto leader of the trio of Flower Scouts Troop #789. She made her debut in "Scout's Dishonor" alongside Erin and Tabii. Like the rest of the trio, she looks down on Nikki and anything else "unlady-like".


    Sasha is of medium stature, fair skinned and has almond-shaped pink eyes and long salmon hair that's being held together by a dark pink headband and seems to be up in a half bun. Her nose is upturned. Like the rest of the Flower Scouts, She has a white blouse with pink trim, and a skirt patterned with three different shades of pink. She bears a purple sash over her shoulder with four badges, likely awarded to her during her time as a Flower Scout, and brown boots, presumably for outdoor activities. She is also wearing a pink blush and black eyeliner. In season 4, her hair becomes more orange than salmon.


    Sasha is usually short tempered and verbally aggressive. She isn't afraid to openly express her feelings; she shows obvious disgust when seeing Nikki (or any Camp Campbell resident in general, proclaiming them to be gross or dirty). She judges people frequently, such as calling Neil an "obvious loser," or calling Nikki out for being "unladylike." She can be sarcastic at times, and often gives people back-handed compliments (statements that sound nice but are actually rude).

    She believes strongly that she is better than everyone and that beauty is far more important than hard work and dedication. She is extremely preoccupied with her looks, and has even said that as long as she's cute and beautiful, people should give her what she wants ("Cookin' Cookies"). She requires regular compliments from other people in order to keep a good mood, as revealed in the episode "Follow the Leader". Sasha fits into the mold of the judgemental perfect popular valley girl, and takes delight in doing traditional feminine activities, such as baking, sewing, and proper walking form.

    She has a clear love for the Flower Scouts and even calls their leader Miss Priss "an ideal role model." However, the beginning of the episode "Fashion Victims" makes it clear that Sasha thinks she's the one in charge of the camp. She is an extremely capable leader, though most often uses insults to get people to do what she wants. Although she was unaware that she had laced cookies with drugs in the episode "Cookin' Cookies", her sales figures were so high that it actually affected a leader of the Mexican drug cartel.


    • Sasha has the same exact voice actress as her fellow Flower Scouts Erin and Tabii. Additionally, she shares her voice actress with Nora Valkyrie from RWBY, another show created by Rooster Teeth.
    • She is also shown to be somewhat racist as she shows her obvious disgust over Mexico in the episode "Cookin' Cookies".
    • In the episode "Follow the Leader", it is revealed that she knows herbology and makes her own anti-aging cream.
      • She scoffed at Max believing her to be 10 years old, thus is implied to be older, possibly in her early teens.
    • In the episode "Panicked Room", Miss Priss considers Sasha to be horrible, but she also sees a resemblance to the camper when she was younger.


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