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"Seasons May Change, But Bonds Last Forever" is the ending theme of "Time Crapsules", the eighteenth episode of in the fourth season of Camp Camp.


I'm not good at saying bye

If I could stop the clock it be summer all the time

But I can't have it all, it's just like that by design

So I'm a live my life and keep these memories in shrine

Like a capsule

I've been in my bag though

When I'm getting gonna, hope they play this shit like Satchmo

Thankful for my bonds, I don't care about the cash flow

Yelling Campe Diem every time I see a flagpole

That's where the teen team

That's where the teen team

Even on my worst day they still believed in me

Started from the bottom, now they hear my voice on TV

Someday, Imma hit the Emmy's in a three piece

I used to never have a conscience, now my conscience got a conscience

Look, I'm newly empathetic but I don't have time for nonsense

I don't have a leather jacket and I never finished college

But you think I had a money factory the way I'm balling

Nobody wants to fail, but that's just apart of life

If you wanna touch the sky, gotta be bold enough to try

If you crash and you survive better let that shit open your eyes

Don't waste time

Dealing with a lotta bad vibes that will really fuck up your mind

Dear diary,

I'm in dire need

I try to get a job but they didn't hire me

And my biggest crush said she don't admire me

Oh well,

I guess that means I'm in for higher things

Look I'm feeling like the best ever, no that's not hyperbole

I'm just confident when I deliver verses verbally

I'm still underground but I go hard for those who heard of me and if I ever said I quit then I committed perjury

This might be the greatest song I've ever been

The summer might be over but our friendship never ends

I know it's hard to fathom but I'm telling you it's true

There's nowhere that I'd rather be except right here with you

And I don't want to leave, I really wish that I could stay just to spend another day in a secret tucked away

We got archery, hiking, spaceships and biking

Fantasy and miming and keeping up with rhyming

It's Camp Camp