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Sleepy Peak Peak is a location in the show Camp Camp.


Sleepy Peak Peak is a dormant volcano that resides near the town of Sleepy Peak and Camp Campbell. At some point, when the volcano was more active, it was originally named "Wide Awake Peak". The actual terrain of the volcano's slope and the summit is never shown, although an imaginary version created by Nerris, Harrison, Neil, and Nikki picture it having an abandoned gold mine with many dead canaries, and a lava lake at the summit. The mountain supposedly is a spiritual and magical center, with dark forces gathering there and causing the volcano to erupt. While this could be seen as wild superstition, the presence of ghosts in the show prevents it from being written off entirely.


Sleepy Peak Peak is first specifically mentioned in the episode "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak", after an earthquake, which Gwen explains is rumbling from the dormant volcano, although the Quartermaster claims it is due to a magical imbalance caused by dark forces, and a team of heroes would have to embark on a quest to restore the balance. This prompts a quest/competition between Nerris and Harrison to restore the balance, with Neil and Nikki tagging along. In order to reach the summit, the group takes a shortcut through an abandoned mine which nearly collapses on them, and later has Nerris and Harrison duel using magic around the summit's lava lake. While watching, Nikki is attacked by a squirrel and falls into the lava, only for it to be revealed that it was all an imaginary quest done from camp. The real volcano is later seen erupting violently in the distance.