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"St. Campbell's Day (song)" is a song sung by Preston, Dolph, Nikki, Nerris, Nurf, Cameron Campbell, Space Kid, David, Harrison, Max, and Neil as a way to promote a holiday created by Campbell known as "Street Campbell's Day". This is an unofficial title, as the song was not included in the credits for the episode it was shown in, the Season 4 holiday special titled "St. Campbell's Day". Therefore, the writer is also unknown.



To make our day widespread,
We must create a song
That gets stuck in your head
And makes you sing along!


We need un Christmas Tree.


Argh, and costumes all around!

Neil (Talking)

Yes, fireworks for me.

Campbell (Talking)

These ideas are all sound.


We'll throw ourselves a meal.


With candy corn and stuffing!


Just think of the appeal!

Space Kid

And Santa Claus is coming!


To make something iconic -


We'll hide, and search for, eggs!

Ered (Talking)

Wear sweaters, you know, ironic.

Campbell (Talking)

This thing has got some legs.


And what of giving thanks?
You're breaking all the rules.

Nurf (Talking)

Well, they're not as fun as pranks.

Max (Talking)

Yeah David, you sound like a tool.


My spell made you all sing,
And it sure has been fun.
But now it's wearing thin
So to the chorus we must run.

Campbell (Laughter)

Ha, ha, ha!

Max, Neil, Nikki, Space Kid, Dolph, Ered, Nurf, Preston, Harrison, Nerris

Street Campbell's Day,
Street Campbell's Day,
Street Campbell's Day all the way - hey hey!


  • This is Nikki, Neil and Max's second ever song in the series, although Neil and Max only sang during the chorus.
  • The singing performances for Preston, Dolph, Campbell, Ered, Nerris, Nurf, Space Kid, and Harrison are the first time any of these characters have had an actual singing role in the series (performing short backup vocals during "Better Than You don't count).
  • Miles Luna has stated that the script for "St. Campbell's Day" and this song were originally meant to be for the Season 2 Christmas special, but they ended up getting shelved and later revisited for Season 4.
    • According to episode director Jordan Battle, they got so far into production back in 2017 that some of the campers' singing lines from this song had already been recorded before getting set aside, while the rest of the singing lines were recorded much later.
  • This song is set to the iconic tune of "Jingle Bells".