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But why couldn't you be passionate for something more manly? Like guns, or football?

—"Parents' Day"

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  • Stuart Houston is Dolph's father, and is also a lieutenant of the United States army. He made his debut in the episode "Parents' Day".


    Stuart has dark brown hair in a buzz-cut, blue eyes and a tall, brawny build. He wears a regular Army Service Uniform, featuring a blue coat and trousers, a long-sleeved white shirt with black tie, and black shoes.


    Stuart has a stern, manly and serious demeanor one would expect from a military officer. He sent his son Dolph to summer camp hoping it would man him up, as he dislikes the fact he loves art in detriment of more manly hobbies such as guns or American football. Stuart blames that on raising Dolph on a German army base, leading him to mold his personality on the locals, including a preference for association football. He seems to be completely oblivious as to how similar his son is to Hitler.

    However, he's not completely stoic, given his reaction to witnessing Candy and Carl having sex on stage is an appreciative "Nice!".


    • His name is a reference to Hitler's half-nephew William Patrick Hitler, who changed his last name to Stuart-Houston after World War II.
    • Much like Hitler's father, Alois Hitler, Stuart is also against his son's interest in art.
    • The uniform details show Stuart is a Second Lieutenant (gold rectangle on the shoulder) for the Infantry Branch (crossed muskets insignia in the collar) who served overseas (the first pattern featured in his chest ribbon), the last part being specified in dialogue as being in Germany.
    • Matt Hullum, his voice actor, uses a gruff Southern-sounding voice for Stuart, similar to that of his character Sarge from "Red vs. Blue", who is also a proud military man.
      • However, Sarge is part of the Red Team and a fierce opposer of the color blue, which is the primary one in Stuart's uniform.


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