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I'm Tabii with t͟w͟o͟ “i”s!

—Tabii, "Scout's Dishonor"

Tabii is a fellow member of The Flower Scouts alongside Erin and Sasha. She and the rest of the trio made their debut in the episode "Scout's Dishonor". She is considered to be "The Dumb One" of the group.


Tabii has a shorter stature than her fellow Flower Scouts, and pale skin with freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes are light yellow, and she has blonde hair that's pulled into a bun on the back of her head. She has an upturned, roundish nose, and black eyelashes.

Tabii's typical attire is the Flower Scout uniform, much like the one that the other Flower Scouts wear for activities. She has a white blouse with pink trim, and a skirt patterned with three different shades of pink. She bears a purple sash over her shoulder with four badges, likely awarded to her during her time as a Flower Scout, and brown boots, presumably for outdoor activities.

After her eye injury in "Bonjour Bonquisha", she now permanently wears a black eye patch over her left eye.


In her initial appearance, Tabii was shown to be somewhat loyal towards her friends and simply agreed with their choices without question. She is also shown to be fairly unintelligent. She seems socially awkward and rarely voices her personal opinions; though the few times she does, her lack of intelligence is often exposed, which leads to disapproval from her fellow Flower Scouts, and has earned her the title of being "The Dumb One".

Tabii is quite gullible, as she often makes reference to things her sister has told her, and seems to take them as fact even though the statements are incorrect (such as how babies are conceived). She is loyal in how she follows Sasha and Erin, but is eventually swayed towards the mantras and lifestyles of her fellow Flower Scout Ainsley in the episode "Fashion Victims".

Throughout the first season, Tabii develops an obsessive infatuation towards Neil, often seeking his attention and flirting with him. Even though her friends constantly inform her of Neil's obvious flaws, she ignores them and prefers to maintain her affection for him. Driven by her passion, she becomes devious and even violent in order to share her love towards an unwilling Neil.

In "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected", Tabii believes that Neil finds her physically attractive, and appears to be pretty confident. Following the events of "Bonjour Bonquisha", Tabii has apparently become self-conscious of her newly evident physical flaws. She becomes distraught when her eyepatch is acknowledged, a reaction possibly developed after repeated criticisms from her fellow Flower Scouts.


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  • Tabii has a sister who apparently gives her information about boys and romance, though the sister herself has yet to appear in the show.
  • In "Bonjour Bonquisha", her left eye is damaged with a fork, the injury evident by an eyepatch she wears in all subsequent appearances. The extent of the damage and the eye's possible removal after the incident remain unknown.
    • This could be a reference to her first appearance, where she clarified her name as "Tabii with two I’s!" as now she only has one eye, making her name a pun.
  • She is shown to be racist in the episode "Cookin' Cookies" - alongside Erin and Sasha - as she states that they were in Mexico and breaks it down into syllable by syllable thinking that Mr. Guzman didn't know English.