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Fellow Flower Scouts[]


Tabii has a blind and often unhealthy loyalty towards Sasha based on the latter's role as leader of the troupe. Ignorant to, or actively disregarding, any of Sasha's rude and underhanded comments towards her, Tabii tends to submit to Sasha's brashness for the sake of staying popular in the group. The times when Tabii does consider Sasha's comments, she turns her anger and despair towards herself for her own flaws rather than retaliate or rebut in any fashion.


Although Tabii has a positive view of Erin as a friend and colleague, Erin had a chequered opinion of Tabii that often shifts depending on the situation. Erin will often side with Sasha whenever she makes any kind of remark about Tabii, though this is possibly Erin's effort to stay on Sasha's good side. In personal matters, such as in later episodes, the pair will share a positive relationship when discussing relatable matters and mutual problems. It is also possibly an immoral effort to help hide her own imperfections by redirecting attention to Tabii's, though this is eventually resolved.

Camp Campbell Campers[]


β€œ Is that...Nikkaaay? ”

—Tabii, after having not seen Nikki in a long time

Tabii often considers Nikki to be an obstacle in her way to achieving Neil's affection, often leading to conflicts between the two. The pair are arguably the most practical and most violent of their respective trios, both unafraid to get into fights and cause trouble when driven towards it.


β€œ He can pee in me anytime~ ”

—Tabii, developing a crush on Neil

Originally indifferent to the nerdy boy, Tabii develops an unhealthy infatuation with Neil following him insulting her in their first meeting. Since then, she has concocted plots and schemes to win Neil's affection, while also seeking to remove obstacles that stand in her way from getting it. Through her violent outbursts and the resulting damage inflicted on herself in the process, she alienates Neil and drives him further into his already obvious disinterest in her.


Tabii has little to no personal interaction with Max for most of the series, though their opinions of each other typically extend to the rest of the other's group. Tabii will snobbishly dismiss Max's inelegance and mischief, while Max will criticise her and the rest of the flower scouts for their superficiality and shallowness.

Camp Campbell staff[]



The Wood Scouts[]



Her Sister[]

Tabii's sister is described as having as much influence over Tabii as the Flower Scouts do, often giving her false information which she naively accepts at her own expense.