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We meet again, Eternal Custodian. Tell me again why your earthly existence should continue.

—The Octopus to Quartermaster, "The Quarter-Moon Convergence"

The Octopus is a both an octopus and also a seemingly interdimensional being who seems to exist in the void of space. He meets with the Quartermaster at times and seems to grant him his immortal abilities. His only appearance to date is in "The Quarter-Moon Convergence".


The Octopus is a blue-gray octopus. He wears a beige suit over a white shirt and red tie. His suit contains a single grey button and a pocket with a red handkerchief matching his tie. Underneath him is an object that appears to be a creme colored cushion.


The Octopus is a benevolent yet orderly being. He is also fair and polite, as he asked Quartermaster why his immortality should continue in a quiet and calm way, and approves his reason to stay on Earth after being given the chance to speak. He has a bit of a mentor aspect to him as well, as after reading Harrison's soul he informs him that he has a good heart and she should "not let others' opinion inform his self esteem." He also seems to have unfavorable views of the world however, as he refers to it and the people inhabiting Earth as cruel, and asks Harrison if he'd prefer to see it all end in a ball of cleansing fire instead. Since he's only had one appearance, he remains a bit of a mystery.


Soul Reading[]

  • He has the ability to read people's souls simply by touching them with one of his tentacles, and he does this with Harrison to determine how good-hearted he is. He is likely able to read memories and thoughts too, as he becomes aware of Harrison's ridicule from the other campers.


  • Despite his godlike abilities he is not in control of his own tentacles, as they flail about and he can't even hold his coffee (or tea) without spilling it.
  • At the end of their encounter, The Octopus says that Harrison's brother says hi, implying he is known to The Octopus as well. Harrison's parents had mentioned that he had made his brother disappear in "Parents' Day", though his exact whereabouts are still unconfirmed.
    • A possible theory is that whatever Harrison makes disappear is transported to the Octopus' world, which would explain how he knows of the brother.
  • It is possible that The Octopus's design could be influenced by a character from "Gravity Falls" named Bill Cipher, as both are interdimensional beings who reside in a galactic space with a clean and polite appearance. However, The Octopus's demeanor is actually far more benevolent and genuine than Bill.