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"This Isn't Goodbye, It's See You Later" is the ending theme of the twelfth episode of the third season of Camp Camp, "Camp Corp."It is written and performed by Richie Branson.


Dear summer time

Let me wipe my eyes

Apologize for the cries but I hate goodbyes

I wish my life was like a VCR with tape rewind

Repeat the month of June back-to-back like 80 times

Separation anxiety steady trying me

I need my friends on either side of me to live reliably

Taking back my life by any means even violently

I run this fucking camp so why would I leave it silently

Sorry but them farewell speeches never resonate

Feeling like the last day of school but I don't celebrate

Listen keep your friends close never go your separate ways

'Cause next thing you know you're just a reference on their resume

Dear summer time, I wish you'd never leave

If we had an extra day I'd be forever pleased

Team team cooking seasons like a recipe

Thankful that they let me step my game up on the credit scenes



Wish I had a little time

But I

gotta say good bye


I don't wanna have to say goodbye



I've never been an average kid

That's why I'm never selling out to new management

I'm too loyal to the fam I won't abandon them

We started on the ground floor way before the laminate

Damn, Daniel why you rockin' them raw vans

The last man who touched 'em he got them raw hands

I'm shitting on 'em like I just hit the Johns man

Hit the rag camp in Jamaica to join the sky band

They don't understand me they say that I'm a savage

How quickly they forget I thought I said I wasn't average

Drop me off at camp, got my hands full of baggage

Keep my circle small but the shit we do is massive

Everyday we tryna make it to the surface

But every time I think I found my skill set they nerf it

Never been afraid to break the rules, that's my purpose

Every time I see a cubicle I run like I'm allergic

Wish I had a little time

But I

Gotta say goodbye


I don't wanna have to say goodbye