Hey, nothing much to see here, just a huge fan of a variety of different things, including video games, web series, and television shows, with Camp Camp being one of them. I'm here to mostly supply the wiki with some high quality pictures that will really make the wiki shine :P But if neccessary I will add categories, information, and whatever else is needed for a page if I notice it's lacking something.

By The Way

Shout out to UmbraStar13 for actually using a pic I added to the wiki as his avatar! I think it's dope that someone would actually think the pic was good enough to use for something.

Best Child

Nikki Slick2


Gallery of Pictures I've Added to the Wiki

Not sure if this is actually necessary, but I'm gonna do it anyways, to the side here, you'll see every picture I've added/edited/made for the wiki, I'm not gonna update it too frequently, because it'll get a bit obnoxious, and I'll be increasing my amount of edits needlessly, but enjoy!

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