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  • I was born on April 14
  • I am afk
  • Bio In my free time I enjoy animation, art, and watching anime. I've been a contributor to wikia since 2015 and I help run the Steven Universe wiki, where I spend most of my time.
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Gwen Rip

Yo, I'm Pii. Not much of an active talker, but I like doing things. I like fixing pages, checking grammar errors etc. I'm currently a rollback and chat moderator on the Steven Universe wiki, alongside being a retired admin and image control.

My friend introduced me to this show, and I was hooked. Ploughed through the whole thing in 3 days, and I'm currently waiting for season 2 to start, much like everyone else. When this wiki picks up again I look forward to meeting more members of the community!

If you want to contact me outside of this wiki, you can go to my message wall on the Steven Universe wiki, or I'll most likely be in the chat there.

My favorite characters

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