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Laugh all you want, American. But if we find nothing of value, we will burn camp to ground and leave no survivors!

—"Foreign Exchange Campers"

Vera (pronounced Vee-rha) is an international spy from Russia, who came to Camp Campbell under the guise of being a foreign exchange camper, in the episode "Foreign Exchange Campers".


Vera is a tall girl with white short hair, pale blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. She wears a green military jacket with red shoulder straps and cuffs over a dark gray dress with a green and red belt, as well as gray boots with red straps, green camouflage socks, and a dark gray ushanka with a red star symbol, all reminiscent of Soviet military uniform.


Vera fits the mold of a stereotypical Russian: she speaks with a thick Russian accent and dialect, refers to her allies as "comrades", mispronounces Cameron Campbell's last name as two separate words, and rearranges certain words, such as Spooky Island as "Island of Spookies" due to English not being her first language. She is extremely patriotic and towards Americans, mocking Space Kid for his country's "failing space program". As a trained international spy, Vera is cold, cunning, and unafraid to use lethal force against anyone who slights her homeland. She is also opportunistic, willingly breaking her and her allies' cover to Max so they may use him to achieve their goals. Like her colleagues, she faces punishment for failure, although she is swayed against it with an invitation to sharing ice cream with the other campers.

Her skills comes into play once again in "Fashion Victims" when she answers an ad Sasha placed in a paper.

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  • Vera seems to be closer to a Soviet Russian than a member of the currently existing Russian Federation.
    • She is based on Cold War stereotypes of Russians, known in Russia as "klyukva" (cranberries, tall tales).
  • Vera is a former ballerina who killed her dance rival by tricking her into going into a hungry bear's den by placing a shoe store sign in front of it.
    • According to a statistic from the playbill in "Fashion Victims", 50% of ballerinas are injured by fighting their evil twin for survival, and 75% of the survivors go on to become a professional killer.