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Camp Campbell campers[]


β€œ Now tell us everything you know of Cameron Campbell, or maybe I break you. ”

—Vera, threatening Max to spill.

At first Max and Vera have a respectful relationship, with Max recognizing Vera's skill as a tool to win the competition. However, once Max reveals his knowledge of the Camp, and Vera threatens him with violence, they end up directly in conflict with each other, Max being the one to rat Vera and her team out as foreign agents. Vera later makes a friendly remark to Max when David mentions a ballerina charity during the fashion show in "Fashion Victims".


Nikki originally loathes Vera, along with the rest of the foreigners, since to her it seems like they stole Max. She ends up being more right then she knows and activity takes part in the last fight, alongside Neil, Nurf, and Max, at which point Vera attempts to stab her to death before the Counselors intervene.


Neil's relationship with Vera is basically the same as Nikki's, aside from the attempted stabbing, that was only Nikki. He is the one to invite them to stay for ice cream at the end of the episode though.

Camp Campbell staff[]

Cameron Campbell[]

β€œ Cameron Campbell made great promises to all of our countries. Only to make weasel out of deals! ”

—Vera, revealing why they wee looking for Campbell.

For unexplained reasons, Campbell is an enemy of Russia, and therefore an enemy of Vera, who has been sent to seize what her nation was promised by force.

Fellow international spies[]

Vera seems to be the leader of the group of spies, who follow her totally, even when she takes the plan in a different more violent route.




Flower Scouts[]


Vera's skills comes into play in "Fashion Victims" when she answers an ad Sasha placed in a paper. Although the ad makes it seem like Sasha is out to hire an assassin to take out her fellow Flower Scout Ainsley, Sasha's goal is actually meant to be public humiliation. In the end, Sasha does not achieve her goal to publicly humiliate Ainsley; rather, she tricks Ainsley into going to the shipyard to depart for a Photoglam conference, and she is locked in a large shipping container, upon which Vera can be seen placing a destination label for a Siberian Labor Camp.


Dirty Kevin[]

If one looks closely in the background of the scene in "Fashion Victims" with people milling around at the start of the fashion show, Dirty Kevin is seen giving money to Vera to stealthily murder the (unnamed) Corporate Exec who was shown in "City Survival". It is unknown why Dirty Kevin ordered the hit, but he most likely wanted the exec dead over something to do with the activities and recreational drugs of needle alley.