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All hail Xemüg!

—"Camp Loser Says What?"

  • Overview
  • Weird Larry is one of the three new recruits Daniel had gathered from town in the episode "Camp Loser Says What?", under the guise of recruiting new Wood Scouts. He was temporarily a follower of Xemüg, just as Daniel is, and was also used as a pseduo-henchman to help Daniel carry out his plan to summon the Ultralord.


    Weird Larry has a hunched over posture, which may indicate either spinal issues or old age. His head is unevenly shaped, three blonde hairs, he has several freckles, and a large tooth askew on his bottom jaw. His legs are very thin compared to his upper body, and his spine can be seen poking through his shirt. He wears a visibly soiled gray long-sleeved shirt that is tucked into his pants. His pants are brown and waist-high which are accompanied by a black belt with a light gray buckle, as well as black shoes.


    Weird Larry doesn't seem to have that much of personality, besides repeatedly shouting "all hail Xemüg!" and being utterly obedient to Daniel by helping him attempt to sacrifice Nikki and jab a spear at the people of Camp Campbell.


    • Weird Larry seems to have a frog-like tongue, which he uses to catch flies.


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