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One of these days, I'm going to close up camp for the last time. So the more I can make of what I have today, the more I can walk away with when it's gone. That's all I want for you kids, Max. To have something to take with you.


With Friends Like These is the 60th overall episode of Camp Camp. Though it is not officially part of season 4, the episode serves as a final wrap-up for the entire summer taking place through seasons 1-4 and can unofficially be considered the true season finale.

It first premiered July 7, 2023 at the RTX convention as part of the Rooster Teeth 20th Anniversary celebration. Later, it aired on the RT First site on July 14, 2023, and released to the public on July 21, 2023.

Official Synopsis[]

Max, Neil, and Nikki have spent their summer forming friendships. OR HAVE THEY? What if it was all a lie? What if everyone actually hates them? Was any of it real?! Also David discovers social media and it goes exactly as well as you'd expect.

—Episode description


In a letter addressed to her mom, Nikki begins recapping some of the latest camp activities, joking that it feels like the summer has gone on for years. The Wood Scouts had challenged the campers to a race against the world in 80 days, and although Wood Scouts are 15 days into the race, the hot air balloon the Campbell campers attempted to use couldn't even lift off the ground. They also want on a trip to a Metropolitan Museum, wherein Dolph realized he bears a resemblance to a certain infamous historical character. He ends up requesting a makeover and Nikki, Ered, and Preston, happily oblige. The Flower Scouts held a popularity contest which started a lot of in-fighting. And so, Miss Priss completely bailed and went on a cruise to Cabo, Mexico, taking Mr. Campbell with her. However, it is unclear whether they are still dating, as Mr. Campbell ended up buying a social media app and she wasn't seen in any pictures with him.

Max barges into the tent (while Neil quickly back away from the entrance), interrupting Nikki's writing (which is just a bunch of messy scribbles), and inform her that the rest of the campers have almost finished sorting the cookies they raided from the Flower Scouts. On their way over, Neil & Max explain he had the others sort them by sugar content, thus the reason for the delay. The trio then overhears laughter followed by Nurf loudly declaring that "they" (meaning Max, Neil, and Nikki) are so annoying. Harrison finds it ridiculous that Max had made him get out of his escape artist practice to sort cookies. Ered says, "yeah, main character syndrome much?" Nurf ridicules Neil the Brain-Head and calls him a loser, while Preston (loudly) adds that Nikki's laugh is obnoxious and that he's never met someone so loud. Stunned, the trio hang back, quietly wondering if the rest of the campers even like them.

The next morning, Gwen is rudely awoken by David's voice repeatedly greeting "Good Morning!" 30 minutes before her scheduled wake-up time; however it turns out to be an alert notification on his phone. The real David enters, asking if she's ready to Campe Diem, and she gripes at him for getting so many alerts. Turns out he had signed up for the social media app that Mr. Campbell bought (called Noize) as a way to support him, reminding her that he's turning over a new leaf. Gwen comments that buying a doomscrolling app with zero content moderation isn't exactly noteworthy, but David insists there's no harm in it and that it's his obligation to interact with every post that comes up in his feed. He shows her one from a "friend" known as "Bush did 3/11", and a look of horror quickly washes over her. David reminds her he's made a profile for her, and promises to like any of her posts when she makes them.

Max, Neil, and Nikki knock on the door to the Counselor's Cabin, which Gwen answers, and Nikki desperately asks, "do you like us?!" To Gwen, this is a bold question to ask this early in the morning. Neil anxiously states that not knowing people's opinion is killing him, and Max declares that it doesn't matter if people like them, and if they don't they can suck shit. She turns to David and tells him to take on the situation, but he is too absorbed in his phone, saying that if a user known as "Z-Anon" gets a specific number of likes on their post they will reveal who the real president is. Max asks if David is joining a cult again, and Gwen says she'll make sure he doesn't while shooing them off to the Mess Hall and slamming the door.

While being served a sloppy scoop of mashed potatoes, Nikki asks Quartermaster if he worries that people don't like him, who then replies that everyone likes him for his cute looks, while slicing his cheek open with his hook hand. She, Max, and Neil look toward the tables to find a place to sit, and notice the other campers clearly glaring at them while Nurf flips them off. She suggests they listen to the other campers by reeling in some of their behaviour; ordering Max not to be bossy, instructing Neil to stop being such a know-it-all, and that she will become calm and polite. Nikki sits down beside Dolph, who greets her good morning, but is unable to hear her return his greeting due to how quiet she is. Nerris, also at the table, asks if Nikki's been hexed, and Neil anxiously babbles that he doesn't know everything and certainly not the answer to his question. Out of nowhere, the Platypus comes smashing in through a window, foaming at the mouth. She attacks Preston, who launches her onto Space Kid's helmet, and the Mess Hall erupts into chaos. Taking cover behind an overturned table, Nurf concludes that the Platypus is on a sugar high from all the cookies they had left outside the night prior, and asks Max what they should do. Max lamely decides that, if this is what the Platypus wants to be doing, they shouldn't be the ones to stop her. Nurf is then dragged away by his ankle by the Platypus, and he desperately calls out for the other campers to shoot her.

Max, Neil, and Nikki escape the Mess Hall, barricading the door with their bodies, just as David and Gwen turn up, the former praising a pair of political groups with completely opposite views. Gwen comments that they can't do anything about the situation in the Mess Hall since David's "friends" are taking priority, and he sarcastically asks if she thinks he likes wearing the buttons on his vest - hilariously juxtaposed are a button for the Flat-Earth Society asking "where's the curve?" and one with the slogan "Science Doesn't Lie". He gets a notification that someone is looking for donations to enrich the lives of bored apes, and promptly walks off as he makes a large donation. Harrison and Nurf come crashing through another window, and Gwen bitterly remarks that this is her problem now.

Later on, in the Activity Field, Nikki scuffs at the ground, wondering why the other campers didn't respond to their attempts to change the behaviours they'd been complaining about. Neil concludes the others probably never liked them, and they once again look out at the other campers glaring at then while Nurf flips them off. Ered approaches and asks if they can join Preston's "Everyone's Frozen Flash Mob" activity with her, since he's all alone and the scene is looking totally sad. Neil sardonically asks if they're the last ones she asked, and Max adds she must be desperate by asking them. She says they just need to be obnoxious for 5 minutes, and Nikki counters that they know all about being obnoxious. Ered says at the moment, they are. David is squatting off to the side with his phone, and Gwen announces she's contained the Platypus inside a pet carrier, no thanks to David. He stands up, an enormous rifle in hand, bright pink "GIRL BOSS" baseball hat on his head, and a pair of ugly sunglasses over his eyes, while offering his apologies - he just has 3 more manifestos to read & pass along to 10 people and then he's good to go. Gwen angrily asks about the rifle, to which David says he's literally exercising his 2nd amendment right, and that the only thing keeping the nation together is good people with firearms. The rifle goes off, killing a bird, and David squishes it to his face while sobbing that incidents like this are the reason some of his other friends are advocating to ban guns. Gwen suddenly realizes the Platypus has escaped.

Over at the flash mob activity, Preston instructs them to pause while the music plays (which is the exact opposite of a flash mob), and to be just the right kind of annoying. Again Nikki takes the implication of "being annoying" personally. In between short musical bursts, Neil whispers to Preston to just tell them the truth, to which he replies they're ruining the art of flash mobbery and to focus. Max sarcastically remarks that he's the bossy one, and Preston says they can just leave if they don't want to participate in the activity. Neil makes an emotional speech that Preston has hurt them with those words, and Preston physically pushes them out of the Activities Field. As they leave, Max says that he was right as usual, draws a circle around the trio, and says that all they need is each other.

Some time after they've been sitting in the circle for a bit, Nikki sneezes all over Max, and Neil admonishes her to cover her mouth. She said she would if someone said "gesunguus" (which Neil corrects as "gesundheit"), to which Max calls him a know-it-all and quickly covers it up by saying he's having a good time. As they quickly settle back into silence, the whistling of Nikki's nose as she breathes bring Max to the edge of insanity, but he again stuffs down his anger by saying he's having a great time. Nikki throws Neil a note and Max demands to know what it says, while Nikki tries to prevent Neil from doing so. Once again her writing is just a bunch of messy scribbles, and Nikki translates it to explain that Max's idea to leave was bad. Max gasps in shock at this betrayal, Neil rips up Nikki's note after the two of them argue, and she angrily lunges on him. They quickly sweep Max up in a dust cloud brawl, and quickly sweep Preston & Nerris along. Gwen stops them by extending her foot, causing them to break apart, and the main trio blame each other for starting the ruckus. Gwen says she has enough shit going on, mentioning the bird that David (who has acquired more pins) shot earlier, and he cuts in that he's learned that birds aren't even real so no harm done. Gwen bellows that everyone's in time out, and leaves with David. Preston comments that this is stupid, while Neil, Nerris, and Max take a moment to ridicule the items he was wearing, including a potential bumper sticker on his ass.

Gwen drags David off to the camp entrance and tells him he needs to snap out of it as he's on the verge of becoming a soulless husk of a conspiracy theorist - or worse, a libertarian. David says he's just supporting his friends (ie: the people who like his posts) and implies that she's a lesser friend for not doing so. She says he can kiss this friendship goodbye if he thinks a friend should only exist to like everything a person does, and walks off saying she has a platypus to recapture. David's "Good Morning!" alert goes off, showing a video of Gwen telling him he's fucking things up, before unfriending him. David lifts up his sunglasses in shock, before sharing the video and promptly deleting the app.

Back with the campers, everyone is ridiculing David, with Max saying the algorithm is on the verge of getting him to join a pyramid scheme. Nurf adds that he is annoying, which Nikki agrees to, then carefully asks if they all still like him. The others agree, Neil explains they'd overheard their unfriendly commentary last night. Space Kid assures them that they are liked, Nurf and Dolph apologize for the "friendly ribbing", Ered notes that sometimes friends talk mess about each other, and Nurf explains that when the positives outweigh the negatives, then it's friendship. The group shares a smile while Nurf flips them off, and Preston chimes in that Nikki's laugh is really loud, to which she jovially agrees. Gwen scolds them for laughing during time out as she has a platypus to recapture, just as David turns up with a snoring bag and an explanation that he hit the platypus with a ton of tranquilizers to knock her out. Max begins concluding that another day of classic Camp Campbell adventures have been wrapped up, David is reminded that he donated a lot of money to the person with the bored apes, and Max says they'll figure it all out next week. The credits start to roll but Gwen quickly cuts in that there won't be a next week - in fact, this is the final week of their summer at the camp. David announces they get to start preparing for the Summer So-Long Celebration; a time-honored tradition to help them remember the time they'd spent at camp. Harrison can't believe things are already over, and Ered is incredulous that a Camp Campbell tradition is actually cool. Preston declares refusal on behalf of the entire camp, but when David explains that it's up to the campers to decide what they do, so long as it embodies their time at the camp, the campers are quickly swept up in the idea that they have no rules or limitations. David tries to get Gwen to embrace the campers' enthusiasm as they've never been so excited for anything, and that they've got this in the bag. The bag containing the Platypus promptly rips open, and the Counselors quickly remove it from the area before she starts going on another rampage. Neil tells everyone to start brainstorming so they can (figuratively and literally) leave a mark on the camp, and Max spends of the rest of the day becoming withdrawn and reflecting alone.

The next morning, Gwen angrily discovers that the video of her that David had shared on Noize went viral; her audio is being dubbed over other videos and generating a bunch of memes. Although she despises social media, traffic on her writing blog has exploded, and she's been offered a ton of writing deals. She's excited to take on the opportunity and David assures her she'll do well... only, it will have to wait just a little, seeing as how they are in the final days of summer camp. She assures him she's still going to help wrap up the summer, and they take out their Counselor #1 and Counselor #2 mugs to toast and share a drink. They quickly spit out the coffee as it is of unknown age and likely very expired, so Gwen says she'll make a fresh pot and get started on helping the kids do some brainstorming.

Down at the Amphitheater, Nikki is quizzing the campers for ideas as Neil writes down Harrison's suggestion of an eternal tribute to their awesomeness, and Space Kid's gleeful idea that "it's going to space!" Gwen arrives and tells them to temper their expectations a bit, but Neil (hyped up on coffee) shouts that the project is going to fucking space. She expresses her concern to Quartermaster, who ignores her and calls out to the campers to add a hook hand to whatever they make. Max is standing at the outskirts of the area, and David arrives, questioning what he's up to. Max says he's just doing what he wants, and David (holding Gwen's personnel file) says he's just getting things ready for the Farewell. Max admits he wants to get involved in the planning, but he can't help the feeling that "this is it". David places a hand on his shoulder and says it's okay to be sad, but Max slaps it away, stating he had fun at camp, and he's livid at David for taking it away. Of course he isn't taking anything away, as everything has to end sometime, and Max falls back into his cynicism that the world is a constant series of disappointments, bitter at having let himself forget it. David suggests there's always next summer, and Max sardonically replies that's the such a depressing thing to say, "don't worry kid, you'll be happy again at some point!" as he stalks off.

David goes back to the Counselor's Cabin to reflect, and looks at his corkboard of Memories hanging from the wall. Some time later, he opens the flap to Max's tent, and solemnly tells them they're going on a hike. Max is obviously not thrilled but he joins in without a word. The pair wander up to a small mountaintop overlooking the lake, and Max parks himself on a log while David begins rummaging in his backpack. Max is momentarily awed by the view before he swats away a water bottle that David placed beside him. David opens with, "do you know what I like about sunsets?" and Max offers to save them some time by putting on a thoroughly accurate impression of David, explaining that the sunset is a goodbye to a beautiful day, and even though the nights might be cold and long, he can always count on the sunrise. With a chuckle, David admits that was pretty close as he sets up a tripod, but Max explains his pessimistic point of view; where David can always count on the good times, it's just as easy for him to expect the bad times, concluding they're both right. David, however, thinks they're both wrong - nobody knows what's going to happen at any point, good or bad. With a sigh, he admits this is Gwen's last summer at camp, as she got an offer she couldn't refuse. Max pauses before asking if this is related to the mob, but of course it's about the writing jobs she'd been offered, and a camera is mounted on the tripod. David says he couldn't have run this place without her, and confides that if he can't find a replacement or even run the camp by himself, there might not even be a next summer. Max kicks his legs and asks what he'll do if things don't work out. David doesn't know, but notes that someday the camp will actually close up for good, so if he can make the most of every day, the more memories he'll have when it's over. David snaps a picture of the sunset as the two share a moment of silence, and concludes that all he wants for the kids is giving them an experience they can take home. He hands the camera to Max, and a massive explosion erupts. Of course, it's obviously coming from Camp Campbell.

The source of the fiery disaster is a massively tall mech robot made of various pieces of the camps; ramps from Ered's Extreme Sports Camp for the feet, Nerris' castle from Other Magic Camp, some speakers from the Amphitheater on its shoulders, a robotic left arm with a giant hook on the end (as Quartermaster had requested), various planks for its right hand, and a face painted on with supplies from Art Camp. Neil is seated at the controls in its exposed head, desperately trying to obey Gwen's order to turn it off, but the robot refuses to obey as it has a strong opposition to authority. The robot says "you are not my dad", to which Nikki (who's cheerfully hanging off the robotic arm) responds that they technically are its dad since they built it, and it shoots off a fireball while shouting it hates its dad. David and Max come running up, the latter of whom cannot believe his friends would try to blow up the camp without him. Neil fiddles with the controls some more and the mech replaces its hook with an enormous paintbrush before firing it off. The brush strikes Gwen, pinning her to a tree, splattering red liquid everyone. David sobs that Gwen was one week away from retirement, but of course she's fine. The red liquid is paint, not blood, and David feebly tries to dislodge the brush and free Gwen. She instructs him to prioritize the robot destroying camp, and he anxiously wonders if he's even able to do it, calling back to the fears he'd shared with Max moments earlier. Max steps in, yanks him by the hair tuft, and says he can do it, because this mech ain't shit compared to the hell the campers had put him through over the summer. David is still concerned that he won't be able to do it, and Max says no one knows that, but he's gotta try, right? "Somebody fucking has to." This line prompts David to get up.

Atop the mech, Neil decides to try "the Atari code" in hopes that something will happen, causing wheels to pop out of the robot's feet and doves (from Magic Camp) to come flying out of the castle body. Nikki tells him to stop making things worse and look, as David comes running up, filled with determination. He charges the robot and lands against the side with a flat thud. Neil and Nikki go flying (landing safely off-screen) while everyone looks at the mech barrelling through the camp. The paintbrush holding Gwen easily falls over. David and his high-pitched scream are saved by Quartermaster extending his hook hand to snag his boot, and the mech slides down the docks like a ramp before sailing through the air and crashing into the lake. Quartermaster comments, "the mechanical nightmare has finally ended" as David gets up and thanks QM for saving him. The campers excitedly rush to the docks to gawk at the scene, while David & Gwen hang back and lean on each other with a nervous laugh and a weary sigh.

The robot is floating in the lake, its right hand raised as if waving hello, and the campers gush about how cool this is. In the middle of commending Neil for leaving a mark on the camp, the robot explodes, causing its head to shoot into the sky. The head then explodes into a brief shower of fireworks, and everyone admires the show with oohs and aahs. Quartermaster salutes it with his right hand. Max, hanging back from the entire crowd, stealthily brings out the camera David gave him and snaps a photo. The campers (save for Nikki and Neil) leave the dock as soon as the show ends, with Space Kid absolutely ecstatic that their robot went to space, and Gwen chasing after them. Max joins his best friends on the dock, where Nikki laments that the fireworks ended so soon, but Max notes it was good while it lasted. Neil notices David standing nearby and notes that they still have a few days left before heading home, and the redhead waves.

A montage set to a slowed-down version of the theme song begins, showing off some of the final activities of the summer; Ered, Nerris & Gwen partaking in archery, David taking Harrison & Nurf through a hike filled with rugged rocks, Max looking through some binoculars while Neil nervously watches a nearby snake. Nerris, Dolph & Nikki participating in some extreme bike riding, Space Kid mounted atop a horse as Preston & Gwen rush to his aid, Dolph as a doctor caring for Nerris & Nikki. Neil & Space Kid participating in Scuba Camp (though the latter is being held by his cape by Gwen), Harrison floating while Max touches the air below his feet, Ered & Preston singing together. Nurf tackling Preston during a football game as David looks on in dismay, Harrison causing a limbo pole to levitate as Nerris slides underneath, Nikki inches away from pouring something into a model volcano while Neil braces for disaster. Ered & Nikki running away from a cool & epic explosion behind them, Dolph instructing Max & Gwen on aeronautics, and Nurf preparing to detonate a plunger to send Space Kid into orbit on a cardboard rocket ship.

At long last, the final day of camp arrives. The Camp Campbell flag is lowered, and the kids start loading onto the bus to take them into town. Gwen asks David if he's sure about not needing help shuttering the camp for the winter, but he assures her he's fine. They hug it out and say they'll miss each other, Gwen flips off the camp saying "thanks for nothing!" before thanking David for everything. They do the Camp Campbell salute and she walks off. Nikki runs up, informing David she's here to return all the dirt she borrowed this summer. David gently tells her to keep it and she leaves, hugging the dirt pile tightly to her chest. Despite having no actual science at Science Camp, Neil admits he had fun. David's corny reply about the science being in him the whole time causes Neil to agree awkwardly and Max to roll his eyes. As he steps onto the bus, Max turns to David and says, "it really was the best-worst time I've ever had." David sighs that that's good enough for him, and that things will be awfully quiet without all the kids around. Max tells him not to let his guard down, as there's always next summer. Amused, David asks "next summer?" and Max shrugs with a smirk, saying "you never know." The doors close and the bus starts rolling away, as the campers begin to chant "pussies for life!"

Left alone at the entrance to Camp Campbell, David takes a moment to look up at the sign before turning back to get started on closing up camp, whistling as he goes.


Major Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

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  • Clocking in at 30 mins & 33 seconds (with end credits), this is the episode of Camp Camp with the longest runtime.
  • After the musical credits finish playing, the photo that Max took of the scene at the lake can be seen on a desk for a few seconds. This marks the second episode in series history with an after-credits scene, after "Space Camp Was a Hoax".
  • This episode shares the same name as another episode in another web series made by Rooster Teeth, RWBY.
  • This is first episode where Krishna Kumar, Katilin Becker, and BlackKrystel lend their voices to Max, Gwen, and Nerris, respectively.
  • This is the last episode of Camp Camp to have the word ''fuck''.

Cultural References[]

  • The episode's name, "with friends like these", is from an idiom, "with friends like these, who needs enemies?". It refers to untrustworthy friends who are more like enemies.
  • The Wood Scouts challenging Camp Campbell to a race around the world in 80 days references an actual book titled Around The World in Eighty Days with the exact same premise.
  • Gwen's mention of doomscrolling is a serious issue in regards to modern social media, and the in-universe app known as Noize is a through parody of the real-world app known as Twitter. It can also be implied that Campbell's acquisition of the app is a parody of Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter.
  • During his time on the Noize app, David comes across some posts that directly parallel specific political conspiracies and ideologies:
    • The user named "Bush Did 3/11" is a lampshade of the "Bush Did 9/11" conspiracy theory.
    • The user named "Z-Anon" is a parody of QAnon.
    • He mentions that the Flat Earth Society are so emphatic and the Scientists United are so smart.
    • His moment holding a rifle is something that is "literally described" by the Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment. Gun control has become a serious hot-button issue in the USA over the past several years. Later, he mentions learning that birds aren't real, a particularly interesting theory since he physically held a dead bird in his hand moments ago.
    • Later, Gwen warns David he is in danger of becoming a libertarian.
  • Nikki, Neil, and Max create a Big Ball of Violence as they start brawling and drag in some of the other campers.
  • David saying Gwen got an offer she couldn't refuse & Max wondering if this is in response to the mob is a reference to a line in The Godfather.
  • Neil says he's going to try "the Atari code" to try and shut off the robot, incorrectly referring to the Konami code.
  • Nurf yelling “shoot her” as he is dragged away by the platypus is a recreation of the opening scene of Jurassic Park, where Muldoon yells at others to “shoot her” when the raptor they are transferring gets hold of a technician and drags them out Muldoon’s grasp.


  • David mentions Mr. Campbell trying to turn over a new leaf in his acquisition of the social media app Noize. This was the over-arching theme of Season 4 and more specifically explored in the episodes "Keep the Change", "Cameron Campbell Can't Handle the Truth Serum", and "St. Campbell's Day".
  • Max asking if David is joining another cult is a nod to the events of "Cult Camp", where he had unknowingly let in a cult leader who quickly brainwashed the entire camp while remaining blissfully clueless.
  • Max decrying Neil & Nikki to be traitors is a callback to the events of "Camp Cool Kidz", as all the campers except Neil and Space Kid "betrayed" Max during the revolution against the counselors by making Ered the leader instead of him.
  • David's corkboard of Memories is featured with some callbacks that include: Larry the Hamster from "Mascot (episode)", Gwen dancing with Billy Nikssilp during "The Lake Lilac Summer Social", Gwen's dog Missy from her appearance in "Party Pooper", a picture of him saying "howdy" from the "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" segment, Quartermaster helping Preston's performance during "Preston Goodplay's Good Play", a shot of the campers sleeping at the end of "After Hours", and a shot of him hiking with Max, Nikki, and Neil from the theme song.
  • The broken staff from "The Order of the Sparrow" and his teddy bear Mr. Honeynuts (seen in "Gwen Gets a Job") can be seen sitting on a table in Max's tent.
  • Max recites one of David's most infamous lines, "somebody fucking has to", from "The Order of the Sparrow".
  • Quartermaster saluting the fireworks is an a potential nod to the fact that he's fought in 3 world wars (referenced in "Something Fishy").
  • Ered's viking outfit, Preston's football outfit, and Nurf using one of Space Kid's helmets are all outfits that were seen for the first time in "The Butterfinger Effect", and they are shown again during the musical montage near the end of the episode.
  • The campers chanting "pussies for life!" as the bus drives off is a throwback to the slogan Ered came up with at the end of "Mascot (episode)".


  • TBA


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  • On March 3rd, 2023, a video was posted from the Rooster Teeth Twitter account announcing that Rooster Teeth would be releasing mystery episodes of 20 classic Rooster Teeth series between March 10th and July 21st to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, and a reply to the video confirmed that Camp Camp was one of them.
    • While it was initially a secret which week the episode would be released, it was later confirmed in a 20th anniversary edition of Achievement Hunter Weekly Update that the episode will release on July 14th for RT First members, and then made public for everyone the next week. However, it was later tweeted from @RTXEvent that the episode would debut during RTX 2023 between July 7th and 9th.