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  • Overview
  • "Wolfie" was a solitary female timber wolf, residing in the forest near Camp Campbell. She encounters a stranded David twice in "The Forest" and the pair are severely injured in her ensuing attack becoming, but despite this he decides to show her some kindness and help her heal. Unfortunately, she passed away at the end of the episode.


    Wolfie was a medium-sized timber wolf with a gray fur coat, and light blue eyes, with a slightly yellow sclera. She also appears to have dark grey eyebrows, and is bandaged with appears to be part of David's yellow scarf. Based on David saying "easy, girl" and "good girl", it is confirmed that the wolf is indeed a female.


    Wolfie starts out as a typical wild feral wolf, approaching him aggressively when David first encounters her, though he was successfully able to scare her off with a rock. The same tactic fails when he encounters her a second time, and she lunges with intent to kill. David tries to escape, and she severely injures him in the process. The pair fall into a ravine where she is then impaled by jagged tree branches. Despite having the upper hand (and a heavy boulder to deal the final blow) at this point, David chooses to spare her life, and subsequently decides to care for the injured wolf as well as himself.

    Her character then shifts, after a time lapse, showing the grateful behaviors of a domesticated dog. Wolfie begins to grow attached to David, as she is extremely hesitant to part ways, and when she eventually does leave, she does so somberly. Wolfie comes back however, to save David from an aggressive mother bear very close to the outskirts of Camp Campbell. Unfortunately, the bear fatally injures Wolfie, and she immediately passes away in his care. David tearfully thanks her for her sacrifice, vowing her will never forget her, and even gives her body a proper burial.

    David's bond with Wolfie leaves a profound impact on him, and uses the example of their mutual healing to mournfully impart a lesson on kindness to the campers when he returns.


    • Wolfie's attack has arguably been the most graphic depictions of injury of the entire series, with blood being prominently shown when David was bitten and slashed at by her.
    • Wolfie is the second wolf to have mauled David in the series. The first was the one unleashed by Quartermaster in "Camporee".
    • David learned to speak wolf in his time nursing Wolfie back to health.
      • Funnily enough, Nikki has showcased the exact same talent in "Camporee".


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