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Yuri Lowenthal is an American voice actor, producer, and screenwriter known chiefly for his voice-over work in anime, cartoons and video games. Some of his most prominent roles in anime and cartoons include: teenage Ben 10, Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Jinnosuke in Afro Samurai, Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass, and Simon in Gurren Lagann. For a more comprehensive list, Wikipedia or IMDB is recommended.

He is the voice actor of Neil in Camp Camp and Mercury Black in RWBY. He's also been a guest in the Off Topic podcast and Achievement Hunter Let's Plays.


He has a production company Monkey Kingdom Productions with his wife, Tara Platt, where they have produced several feature films and a live action web series called Shelf Life.

  • He co-authored the book Voice-Over Voice Actor.
  • He graduated from The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1993, and studied abroad in Osaka, Japan during his third year.
  • After graduation he then moved to LA, and started getting involved in voice-over to supplement the on-camera live-action and theatre roles he was doing at the time.
  • Like his character Neil, Lowenthal is also Jewish, and has previously tweeted that he is a self-described "Tennessee Jew".